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2 Oct, 2012

Albireon - Amniosphere (Cassette)

I wonder if there is multiple endings? Thanks for playing. Sorry it didn't run too well for you, hopefully the next version will be a bit more optimised I'm very much learning as I go here.

There are currently 2 endings. Oh my god, this is so good! I was really impressed by the level design, especially at the first generator. I also felt like I was going around in circles for a few minutes, but never got to a place I had been before, so it was really disorienting. Great job! A downloadable Town for Windows. More information. Status Prototype Platforms Windows Rating. Download Download Albion. Comments Log in with itch. SameGun days ago 1 edit. The Orange Ranger 1 year ago I enjoyed the dread of the setting.

Even the generators were apprehensive. Adrionic 1 year ago The Venom Basilisk. Quick, with poisonous frontal cone attacks and acidic spitting attacks at range that debuffs enemies.

You can now raid the territories of other guilds. Defeat their mages and secure some of the siphoned energy for yourself. It will fight back regularly, manifest itself in the form of pure magical power in all of Albion at the same time - and drive the guilds out of resource watchtowers, sparking a new struggle for control over the land. Level 3 Artifact weapons can now be found or acquired through seasonal rewards.

One new weapon will be available for every weapon type. Want some examples? The Blazing Staff can unleash a mighty flame tornado, burning everything in its way. With the Camlann Mace you create a shockwave. If this hits an opponent, all enemies in an area around him will be pulled towards his position after a short delay. It's really sad, that the only reason why he thinks I am not an ambitious person and haven't achieved anything is because I am not a GvG player, and I do see GvG elite as something that hurts SBI's product which is Albion.

So Torthur, first know your enemy, read my posts, understand what I have to say, understand, what's the community and what's more important - your own alliance, opinion on those topics. I hope you have done some surveys so you can prove me wrong.

I am happy you got grinded so much by so little, this just shows how fragile GvG elite situation is. Also like I said, the way how you approach the discussion makes you denounce yourself. If you really want the game to be better you can put some effort to give solid reasons to keep things as they are today..

I doubt you can, but I will be happy to continue discussion once you elevate yourself to my level of culture,. If you want to keep your large alliances, the AoE of Camlann maces and Air Compressor needs to be buffed. If your a hot gamer girl and wanna get down let me know. Not that I can complain, the box was in perfect condition, so they aren't as evil as they sometimes are. I found this sword to be superb in terms of handling, for the most part.

It was an all out powerhouse with a very blade-oriented center of balance. This balance leads to an almost "heavy" feel to the sword, even though it is relatively light at 2. This heaviness is needed because these type XI blades were meant for large downward swinging strokes from horseback.

This extra weight near the center of percussion creates a very dangerous momentum that builds up from the combined blade-heftiness and swinging of the sword. The sword is capable of some very decisive cleaving strikes which could most likely shear through maille and cloth to reach the soft, fleshy parts beneath. I picked up one of my shields and began some foot combat drills with this sword. I was not expecting the sword to function as well as it did outside of its equestrian habitat.

The blade moves flexibly from guard to thrust to slash to guard to slash etc. I did fond that the sword was a bit strenuous on the wrists, however, and strong arms are my best advice for fighting effectively with this weapon. As usual, I perform my flex test. This time however, I decided to do it against the shield rather than my perilous grass which is filled with noisome limestone rocks. Albion Process Home About. Ultrafine Grinding Oxidative Leaching. Page Content.

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