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2 Oct, 2012

[Blank] - Big D And The Kids Table - For The Damned, The Dumb & The Delirious (CD, Album)

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Walls Well let's do this! Go on and set it up! Every time I think of you I really wanna blow chunks Yah and every time I see you, yah I think I'm going nuts Their catty stuck up ways, you know they make my life double tough And the way you make me feel like a worthless fuck Without them I know that I'm a better me Can you hear me, can you hear me? Without them I know I'm a better me Can you hear me?

Stepping out to knock the walls of you down Stepping out Stepping out to knock the walls of you down Knock them down Oi, Yah Break them down so I can be free I'm gonna save whatever's left of me Every time you see me, yah, you always make a silly fuss So pumped that I ain't with you, yah, I always listen to my gut I'm sorry that your life is boring, yah, sure it must be wicked tough But man life is great now, I ain't your lap dog mutt.

Clothes Off Eight bucks and a PBR, a rude boy knows the score Lay me down the tap and let the fun juice pour One shot, two shot, three shot, floor I think I fell in love with you When you dragged me out the door Where the hell's our mates man? Man I don't know Where's your bag and hat? What is going on?

You helped me take all of my clothes off Yah I love you, yah I really do You cleaned up all my throw up You saved me when my mind was mush What a nice thing to do Everybody's fucked off But no not you Do you really need some help boy? You have a knack for writing very simply while still having an important voice, and that's one skill I haven't quite been able to muster.

Saw them yesterday. Met the trombonist. Good times, great weed. Glad you dig this one! Jacob - Thanks, man! I think "Superman" has a quintessential ska feeling everyone knows at this point lol. Yeah DinosaurJones is one of my best friends irl. We lived together sophomore year and we've been bros since Freshman year.

If you ever see the elusive CaptWaffles, we've known each other since 2nd grade haha. I was looking for the pos button and was like wtf! Then I scrolled up No ratings yet, but both are probably solid I'm glad they rebounded after the weak "DDD. Spec - Heh. Yup, they took that button away for us contrib folks. I appreciate the thought, though! Do we really even have inside jokes? The apostrophe stands for fuckin'!

These guys are really fun had a good time especially with Shit Tattoos. Big D and the Kids Table Stomp 4.

FOR THE DAMNED, THE DUMB & THE DELIRIOUS is the explosive new ska-punk record from Big D and the Kids Table. 17 tracks blasting punk, old school thrash, adrenalized ska with the good old traditional Boston bar room, pint slamming anthems/5(9).

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  1. Big D & The Kids Table - For the Damned the Dumb & The Delirious - Music For the Damned the Dumb & The Delirious LP (12" album, 33 rpm) The album from Big D and the Kids Table features the Boston based Ska/Punk outfit returning to their ska and punk rock roots!/5(9).
  2. Still going strong in what's become an increasingly sparse playing field, Big D and the Kids Table keep the third wave ska revival alive on For the Damned, the Dumb & the the band still manages to capture the good-time vibes and driving energy of the third wave, lyrically it's clear that even though their sound might exist in some kind of bubble outside the normal flow of time Price: $

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