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2 Oct, 2012

Blaspheme - Scrap Heap - System That Often Fails (File, MP3)

It started with a rash on the back of my hands and ended up with a breakdown of the skin there and six weeks of weeping hands. An absolute outpouring from the body of all that had built up in the skin over years of inactivity there. Getting the skin to heal up and grow strong again has been proving difficult, but a long weekend break camping in Denge Marsh has helped move it forward enormously.

The camping trip also allowed me to realise just how much this shift in my body has brought improvements to a way of life. This time, however, I took everything in my stride. I went on my own, or rather myself and my two dogs, to explore Denge Marsh in Kent, an area on the Dungeness peninsula rich in aquatic bird life, not to mention the Marsh Frogs croaking at night around the lake next to the campsite.

I loaded the van with my Tramper a fairly all terrain mobility scooter and all my camping gear, including everything necessary to cook over a real fire, and managed to pitch my tent in the wind and set up the camp with ease. I spent the best part of four days exploring the area, including the local pubs of course, cooking, eating and living outdoors and lazing around with my dogs when the time came to rest.

I could tire of the wind if I spent too much time there but the wind has a real spirit to it. But in ancient Judaism, where the commandments originated, it went much further than that. God did not live in the words of man as an abstract concept, but was the very life of man. So God lives in the breath. It happens naturally. In certain activities, singing, the playing of wind instruments, sports, yoga, the breath is focused upon and utilized, but most of the time we give it little thought and yet if you try to hold your breath you realize what a powerful force is behind it.

It is impossible to stop breathing. With practice you can hold your breath for a long time, but eventually you are forced to breath. The human will is not strong enough to overcome the spirit of breathing. People like to encourage their babies to use their limbs whereas with swaddling wrapping the body of a baby up with a length of cloth the limbs are bound to the body preventing their use. This is because primary development does not happen through conscious effort, but through the unconscious rhythm of the breath.

By wrapping a baby, the movements of the breath are reflected, by the tension in the cloth wrapping, back into the body, so making full use of the breath to work the structure and develop core strength in the trunk. Not only does breathing play a huge part in the development of a strong body in babies, it also , in the same manner, contributes to the maintenance of our bodies throughout life.

We think of exercise as physical activity, but our breath is constantly exercising the core of our bodies while we rest. However, when a body is as badly damaged as mine was, the core structure is so depleted that breathing not only fails to contribute to the maintenance of health, it can actually become a negative influence. To understand this we need to understand the nature of how we breathe.

For quite some years now I have spent time focusing on my breath, feeling for the rhythmical expansion and contractions and seeing how it has changed over the years. As soon as we focus on our breathing we bring conciousness into breathing which overrides that natural unconscious rhythm making it impossible to truly observe in ourselves. However, if we breathe gently it is possible to gain an understanding, through observation, of the rhythmical expansion and contraction of all five chambers of the trunk.

Breathing is a process whereby air is drawn into the lungs by the expansion of the chest, but we must not see it as an act of the chest alone.

The entire trunk plays its part in breathing. The trunk is made up of three convex sections to which limbs are attached, the head, the chest and the pelvis, and yes our head does have a pair of limbs; they are the two halves of our jaw fused together at the front. These three sections are connected by the two concave sections, the neck and the abdomen.

The convex forms expand and contract in a vertical direction, while the concave expand and contract in a horizontal direction, in a radial manner please see fig. The abdomen, and even the pelvis, play a considerable role in assisting the expansion of the chest and although the head and the neck play less of a role in this respect, their expansion opens up the airways allowing for the inflow of air.

As fascinating as the manner in which air is inhaled and exhaled is, what I find even more fascinating is manner in which this unconscious rhythm maintains the capacity in our bodies. The rhythmical pulsation of the structure constantly works the internal tissues to maintain their strength and form. The trunk with its five sections is essentially a pneumatic structure; not that it contains air as the lungs do when inflated, but that it has a volume, a density and a pressure as a container of air with an elastic membrane would, ie.

If there is further decline then the volume will also decrease. This can be seen by simply observing those around you. We all live less than perfect lives and many end up with expanded bellies. In those that are very weak we can see there is no volume to them. With an injury as drastic as breaking your back, the quality just drops away. This results in a terrible depletion of the trunk.

Since 4. Aside from minor pattern variations, the main difference between his normal helmets are the visor tints and the style: three are full face, one is modular. Choosing which one to wear is almost as hard as choosing his swimsuit. Sousuke is a former Olympic champion and currently coaches at the university level.

Background Notes: I did about 3. Upon rereading this I realized that the reason why it dead-ended was because there were two main plot threads that refused to twine together the way I wanted them to because they were conceptually different stories. Thread A: Sousuke's developing friendship with Haru. Thread B: Sousuke becoming unsatisfied with his relationship and cheating on his girlfriend with a married man [not Haru].

Thread B was oriented around the idea of gay guys who marry women for the sake of keeping their family or society happy, Thread A was just pure bromance and sharing a love of going fast.

Thread B I'll have to sit on for a while before I figure out if there's anything I want to do with that. If something's not working, it may not be that the individual pieces are bad, it's that they're not the right pieces for a given story. Think of it like mixing together a couple of puzzles. Soul Princess Orihime 9. Dragon Sakura Death Harry Potter Taylor reincarnated as Sansa. See the end of the chapter for notes. Sansa stumbled as the ground spun about her feet, black creeping in at the edges of her sight.

What eeee ver. Instant gratificAtion please. Whining: Alligator clips. Protoboards for jump points. Almost no Qaulity Control. Expect three out of fifty to fail continuity right out from the wrapper. Ratio based on luck of draw. Asked 7 years, 8 months ago. Active 7 years, 8 months ago. Viewed times. I'm trying to analyze a dump file for high memory usage the process reached 15GB with windbg. Where can I go from here?

Where are those missing 14GBs? Thanks, and here are the outputs of! EEHeap and! HighFrequencyHeap: ff Size: 0x bytes. StubHeap: ffa Size: 0x bytes. LookupHeap: Size: 0x0 0 bytes. ResolveHeap: Size: 0x0 0 bytes. DispatchHeap: Size: 0x0 0 bytes. CacheEntryHeap: Size: 0x0 0 bytes. Total size: 0x bytes Shared Domain: ed LowFrequencyHeap: ffe ffd c Size: 0xe bytes. HighFrequencyHeap: ffe ff ff00dc Size: 0x1f bytes. StubHeap: ffea ffc Size: 0x bytes. Why we would walk 10 miles up hill both ways in the snow!

I bet your father said the same thing. Interesting, I definately agree with Scott Locklin on his thoughts! Im gonna think about this thread for a while. Doesnt anybody have some common sense!!! If a problem has already been solved, there is no real need, other than commercial to solve it again. Older products were made to be maintained and repaired, not with planned obsolescence in mind.

Baby boomers fixed toasters themselves or had them professionally repaired. Now it is more economic to throw out the toaster and buy a cheapie. The iPhone phenomena was best described to me by a model. I think you were on stronger ground with this line of thought when it was directed at innovation rather than design.

But there are other social forces at work, too. For example, in a world of design by teams and committees rather than individual innovators, team membership requires mastering the team language, ie technology of design, selecting for certain personality types. Hence you end up with less proliferation in categories of product and more proliferation in competing brands with more complexity of design. BTW, I one-upped you.

I have no phone nor TV, and am slowly replacing all digital objects with analog and computerized gizmos with purely mechanical ones. Soon only the laptop will be left, but that I will keep until married. Life is actually much more enjoyable this way.

I think consumer products are like modern sex—ruled by lust and addiction-like behavior rather than quality experiences. People fail to plan ahead so they can need their map-phones the same way they put themselves in compromising situations and find fault so they can fall into adultery.

You need a more complete post on the whole Singapore thing somewhere. My guess is that it works because it is something of a geopolitical free rider, but I am open to changing my mind. This seems a bit odd to me… What is it about plastic that makes wood or steel preferable? Do you really think that tubes are preferable to transistors for some reason?

Scott refers to masturbation, but this is the same thing with a slight twist. These sorts of new-agey philosophies based on nothing but how you feel at any given moment are all good, but the thought that somehow they are superior to the rest of us who are perfectly happy with plastic forks is just nuts.

You are suffering from one of two things possibly both ; placebo affect or confirmation bias. You were just younger and you probably had fewer responsibilities and you were having more fun. My new underarmour t-shirt really is better than the old cotton one that I used to wear. And my wooden chair does just fine. It just makes you you. However, confusing your individuality with wisdom actually makes you look silly.

Why do you feel that these inanimate objects have such power over you? What is it about your past that makes you less able to accept them for what they are and not let them affect your life in a negative way? Figuring that out would make you much happier and still let you have an iPhone so you could mark where your car is parked when traveling in a strange city.

I drive a 5 year old BMW 5 Series, came with a service pack so service is prepaid, tyres are approx per year. Seems a lot lower than your quoted prices. At least the last time a friend of mine was shopping for one. Gasoline is cheaper though. My phone works just great, including in the closet in the basement I checked.

They also used to lay in a winters worth of preserves in the basement and walk outside to go to bathroom and haul hot water from the kitchen to the tub. My wife and I were at dinner and decided to check out a late movie. She searched for theaters in the neighborhood while I was paying for parking and 20 minutes later we had a tub of popcorn.

Am I an idiot for paying a couple bucks a month for that convenience? Are you looking a little goofy for decrying that as the end of civilization? Anyway: have fun with your nerd dildo. There were secretaries to handle paperwork, clerks who were responsible for filing and organizational coordination, draftsmen to put the details on the drawings, etc. All in the name of efficiency, mind you.

Probably too late for an input but I have been thinking over this for a couple of days. You can express your exact, same sentiment without emotion, by saying writing a balanced inquisition, and leaving judgment to readers in which case even the advocates might agree with you.

If that CAD guy where me, I would probably go with a notebook a paper notebook, like when a notebook is a actually book , pencil, metric tape [I want a laser meter] and of course my nerd dildo… I mean cell phone.

Iterate a couple of times. The process may take about two weeks, but it will be stylish, prettier and will work, generally the first time, and the client did participate of the process. For curiosity sake… My family does custom furnitures locally only — Colombia here , carpentry mostly. The problem is that CAD guys forgive about materials and their imperfections, about how things will be assembled at the end and that kind of things, they also forgive about imperfection of human communication and memory.

But with experience you acquire the knowledge to do not fall to the perfection illusion of a computer model and adapt to the real thing. About the dildo… ejem… cell phone… I think like this: If it will get you sick of Cancer, then it got to do a whole lot of good things. Still I would like to be able to program on it, but if I buy one on which I can, then the risk of getting it stolen and the difference of price with a portable computer makes it not worth.

How old are you? If anything is slowing down technology its old fogies like you! And what does the title of this blog post have to do with the content? I see the current generation as being extremely externally orientated: afraid to be alone with their own thoughts, always craving external stimulation, unable to made independent decisions, and incapable of planning ahead.

I like the web and email precisely because I can access them at my own time. I agree with both of you. Hackers have nothing to do with the content of the story, and email is my preferred mode of communication.

I have a phone in my pocket. Rates are too high. What Andreas said:. You refer to all programmers as hackers? Android is open, sort of, but the majority of phone code is proprietary including much of the low level phone bits of Android NOT written by hackers. You mention engineers in your prose, that is more correct. Still no excuse for the title. I also get paid to design and build Air Traffic Control systems. KISS technology is always my goal.

Are you shitting me? A hacker is a ding dong who works on computers. Hacker: 1: one that hacks 3: an expert at programming and solving problems with a computer 4: a person who illegally gains access to and sometimes tampers with information in a computer system. I think the main thing to remember about this post is that it must be irony.

To quote a few gems: Mr. Does anybody for a moment doubt that Debussy would not write such chaotic, meaningless, cacophonous, ungrammatical stuff, if he could invent a melody? The beauty of nostalgia is that people frequently think that they invented it.

Whats old is new again! These will soon be the good old days and angry, confused men will still be angry and confused. I finally broke down and got a CrackBerry about a year ago—I have very poor sense of direction, and bad short-term memory. Anyway, much of my life when trying to find a location had been spent driving around in a sort of process of elimination.

I learned that strategy from Mr. Spock, I believe: in order to find where something is, first find all of the places where they are not. I would use some Internet maps program, of course, to get my directions. This method has saved me lots of time and has allowed me to get around much more efficiently. I have to stop and ask for directions much less frequently, and the likelihood of reaching my intended destinations has improved very nicely.

It requires planning ahead, and this planning ahead has certainly paid off.

Jan 18,  · Most “modern” cars die after k and are destined for the scrap heap. My preference in vehicles has recently turned ancient with one modern modification, a very beefy diesel power plant. I am currently driving a bodied Dodge truck with a diesel power plant with over k miles on odo.

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  2. Jun 17,  · Java heap related issues can cause severe damage to your application that will directly result in poor end user experience. Care must be taken to tune the Heap related parameters that suit your application. Out of the box default parameters are not enough. Quick overview: Java Heap is the memory used by your application to create and store objects.
  3. File Added: Sven Barth: Status feedback => resolved Sven Barth: Fixed in Revision => , Sven Barth: Note Added: BrunoK: Status resolved => closed
  4. When JVM crashes, Heap dump file( is created in the working directory. I want to know who creates this file. JVM crashed means it has terminated abnormally. So it will definitely not create this file. So how is this file created? Also can we control the information displayed in this file.
  5. Sony Tosses the Sony Reader On the Scrap Heap Posted by Unknown Lamer on Monday August 04, @PM from the end-of-line dept. Nate the greatest () writes Sony has decided to follow up closing its ebook stores in the U.S. and Europe .
  6. It had failed, and her soul had been reborn, all of her traumas and all of her triumphs erased. Except, Sansa Stark had been a foolish, trusting little girl, like Taylor had been before Emma’s betrayal, and her one mental connection had been snuffed out, exposing her to the passenger again.
  7. Feb 10,  · Try to organize your computer so the regularly changed items are in one place and quicker to copy. Backup less frequently changed things (maybe your photo or music collection) less often. Remember you can use things like MP3 players to store computer files as well as music, so you can use those as handy portable backups if you need to. Another.
  8. Jun 10,  · Originally Posted by DFord I've attached a copy of the Magnadyne M Installation and Operation Manual. Maybe it will help. Thanks for your help .
  9. Jul 07,  · I only downloaded files one time and connected it 3 times! My Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus 1TB failed on 3rd connection. Was working fine then 2 hours later it's not working.

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