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2 Oct, 2012

Carl Orff Carmina Burana - Impellitteri - Venom In Osaka (CD)

The AI stuff offers some advantage - but it does not make the actual act of trading any less uncomfortable. And yet, one finds that the more uncomfortable you are, the better the results often look at the end of the year.

You could watch the best AI programs "flying" F fighter jets in simulations, compete against each other. Here is a link to the Youtube video of the trials:.

The simulation aircraft are interesting, in that they model F "Vipers" which are special, lighter and more maneuverable, almost VFR-grade stripped down, designed for very high-gee turns, like 7 or 8 gees. This is almost the limit of what a human pilot in a pressure suit can withstand.

The max g-force humans can withstand is around 9 gees. The AI-controlled aircraft, at the end the competition where the competition is run between a human pilot, and the Heron AI, results in the AI algorithm winning every time, 5 to zero.

It can work. And it can work better than the best human, which raises up a number of possible benefits and problems. Simple strategies, such as proper policy selection by the meta-agent, can just about always beat the human actors, and give the AI an advantage. This is both exciting and disturbing. And the final match-up between "Banger" the nickname of a skilled, real F fighter pilot , and the winning AI - from Heron Systems - was interesting. The Heron-AI won, but in the final 5th round, the human pilot put up a good fight, and managed to out-maneuver the AI for a respectable amount of time.

It has perfect situational awareness, and in the simulation, it has no sensor failures. This of course, does not occur in real-world scenarios. A simulation, by definition, is a ludic construct - a game - where all rules are clear, and boundry conditions are evident.

In reality, there are always additional degrees-of-freedom, and possible unforseen variables and parameters. Therein lies the opportunity for effective action and successful outcome. For example, the enemy might expect you are not missle-equiped, and engages with the view to using his or her advanced flight skills.

You cheated. Also, my mother died of complications from Alzheimer's and that makes my interest in this area more than just academic.

The cholinesterase inhibitors block the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, and when you block that enzyme, you can prevent the brain from sending messages to the muscles. This causes the muscles to go into spasm. They cannot operate correctly - it is literally like a "short circuit" in an electrical device. The heart muscles can effectively operate themselves, but the muscles for breathing become affected, and breathing can become difficult or impossible. Many pesticides use this chemistry. In the case of both bugs and people, you can stop the breathing machinery, using this method and these chemicals.

Navalny's anti-corruption agency has been declared a "foreign agent". This is also most likely nonsense and a lie. Do the Russians themselves not care about corruption and fraud and dishonesty? Regardless of your political views, this sort of personal assault on someone who appears to be an honest and legitimate politcal figure, is not acceptable.

Whoever poisoned Mr. Navalny's tea, should be prosecuted and imprisoned as a criminal, as should the persons who ordered this attack. This event has the power to destabilize the world, and at the very least, affect the world markets. It also makes me and others I talk with, feel sad, disgusted and angry. Navalny and his people had no real chance in the upcoming elections, and his removal will make little difference in terms of immediate Russian political outcomes.

Putin and his team will dominate. But it disturbs many people, as this "Murder Inc. Saudi Arabia and "MBS" have provided a particularly ugly recent example. This bad behaviour by Governments has to stop, or the "powerful people" who are ordering these murders, will end up being hung from lamposts, as the great Wheel of Revolutionary Fortune takes another big turn.

This is the big "Lesson from History", is it not? Why do these "powerful people" not pay attention to what History can tell them? If the world falls back into conflict and mass warfare, it will impair prosperity, damage opportunity, and degrade the future for all of us. We all have a stake in fixing this problem. Corrupt criminal States that use murder of political opponents as a political strategy, need to be utterly removed from the World, and play no role in the Future.

The people of this planet, and the Future itself, demands this. As mentioned previously, the entire bond portfolio, was rolled into a significant real-estate purchase. See the "Fee Simple" section for pictures of the view from the northern waterfront property. The dividend-stream has paid the bills, and the real-estate holdings appear to be increasing in value to a remarkable degree, except you really don't know until you successfully sell.

Real-estate is very risky - but so are stocks and life in general, right? Our views as analysts, and the AI-models also, both expect markets to continue rising, as inflation begins to take hold. We are seeing rising prices everywhere. We are telling folks to expect inflation to come on in a rather non-linear manner, rather quickly, in a short period of time, but in the future not yet, for a while. The inflation tsunami is probably still 8 to 12 months away, or maybe a bit further.

We don't have models for silver - just historical data that suggests that hard money beats out soft money, in times of extreme uncertainy, and when nation-states and their financial machinery cannot be trusted. Answer: Pretty astonishingly awful. The horrific poisoning of Alexei Navalny is just over-the-top awful, and shows the terrible, tragic turn that events are taking in Russia now.

The clock is whizzing backwards, and Russian medical advances and Russian scientific achievements are being damaged by the grotesque "fake news" from that Omsk hospital. These compounds are the product of nerve agents like "nerve gas" , and provides strong evidence that Navalny was poisoned - and that the poisoning was done by professional attackers, who had access to very sophisticated biochemical weapons technology. No doctor in his right mind could claim this was the result of "low blood sugar" or was simply a self-induced "metabolic imbalance".

Russian medical doctors are made to look like dishonest or poorly educated fools. This is not the case. Many Russian doctors are well trained, and are as committed to being good doctors as they are anywhere else.

The only explanation is that orders came from Moscow to create and output this lie. When doctors and medical science collapses in to being another " lie machine", then national, government-funded science is badly damaged, because no-one will trust what it says. With this one horrific action, Russia has been badly hurt, and Russian science has been badly compromised.

Is it not possible for the Russians to fix this grotesque and brutal abuse of who and what they are, and everything their science has created? Should the proud Russian nation always be controlled by hidden spys and murder-men?

Should truth always be viewed as something optional? Is murder, arrest and assault always going to be the Russian baseline political process? People thrown from windows? Political persons in opposition murdered or poisoned? No real change possible unless it is accompanied by violence? Isn't it time that this ugly and destructive behaviour was finally stopped and corrected? Russia as a nation is damaged by this. Sophisticated nerve-agent technology is supposed to be something we do not work on any more.

But of course, research still continues and anyone who wants to know details, can easily determine who is doing what and where they are doing it. I had a professor at University, who had come from Prague. As a young lad, he had been forced to study "Lysenkoism" as if it were real science. His prof knew it was all lies, and the students knew it was all lies - but they had to write exams on the nonsense that denied genetic research results.

But it did so much damage to so many people. But this happened after the "Great Purge" of , in which over 1. This "junk-science" and the use of "big lies" was used to justify and then carry out, an astonishingly large mass-murder. This is why the big lie is a big problem.

When it enters politics, it can be used to lever terrible tragedy. Approximately one and a half million Soviet citizens were arrested, including hundreds of scientists of the first league.

Around thousand of all arrested were executed. The number of biologists persecuted at the All-Union Institute of Plant Breeding alone exceeds that of all biologists repressed, emigrated, or killed during the Nazi reign in Germany [11]. This was a dark and evil time for Russian science - and for the Russian people. Lysenkoism set Russian biological science back into the darkness, and damaged Russia as a nation. The fact that Navalny can be taken to a real hospital in a major urban centre in Russia, and the doctors can be told to retail the lie that he had a "metabolic disorder - perhaps from low blood sugar" is tragic.

Navalny was screaming in pain on the aircraft - there is a video of this. This is not a symptom of "low blood sugar". The Russian doctors were either truly incompetent, or they were lying.

No one believes the Russian doctors were this stupid, so they obviously were instructed to say this nonsense by authorities in Moscow. And thus we are now back in the world of Lysenko and Stalin. So, it is not just Alexei Navalny who has been badly hurt here. Russian medical science, and the Russian state has also been badly damaged by this. The risk now, is that people will not trust the Russian authorities.

Confidence has been lost. Russians who love their homeland, should try to fix this problem, before it gets any worse. In the rest of the world, the markets are improving, and everything is re-opening. But something different seems to be happening in Russia. The Russians themselves must fix this problem.

The "big lie" degrades and damages them all, and puts the peace and security of the whole world at risk. If Trump keeps talking about blowing all this up, and "de-coupling" from China, then he will lose the election, and lose it badly.

A lot. By even the most casual and loose definitions, the Apple iStore and the Google Playstore business models are examples of the restrictive trade-practices that abusive monopolist operations employ. Yet the Americans, with their long tradition of "trust-busting" monopoly business-models, do nothing to prevent this abuse, probably because Justice Department officials lack understanding of what is really going on.

Everyone needs to understand that there is no chance we are going back to the ugly, expensive, "everyone-dependent-on-overpriced-American-products" world. It will just not be happening. If Trump continues his unwise assault on world trade and international business supply-chains, then the man will - almost certainty - lose the November election. Everyone - from farmers and manufacturers in the midwest, to car-dealers and working people and finance people and government people on both coasts - all now rely on world trade being operational.

And world trade means business and commerce with Asia - mostly China. If America wants to fix the economic problems of the World, they could start in California. China is less of a problem than the Apple monopoly which so effectively stifles innovation, and limits opportunity expansion in the world of technology. Trump needs to stop being a boot-lick for the Saudi-Arabians and Israelis, and recognize the real interests of his own people lie in being the businessmen and businesswomen to the World Economy.

USA runs the global reserve currency, and if Trump "de-couples" from Asia, he will also be "de-coupling" from USA economic dominance, and American peace and prosperity. For crying out loud, someone has to explain this to the poor fellow, before he commits electoral hara-kiri, and hands the USA to Joe Biden and the Democrats - on a golden platter - in the November election. Trump and his bad-cop Pompeo, are increasingly viewed around the world as dangerous loose cannons which are sliding towards the edge of the deck.

If the "economic storm" gets worse in the next few months, the World need only wait, many quietly suggest. And the Democrats could run a brain-dead automaton and a "glass of coloured water", and still win the election. Wait - isn't that pretty much what they're doing? Oh my They also have this "Municipal Bond Support" program - where basically they buy junk bonds issued by US cities. Interesting, this. What this means, is that the Fed is literally creating money, and giving it to the States and Cities, with the promise that they have to maybe give it back at some point It is expensive, it is complex, it has significant restrictions, and it exposes any company who gets a loan this way, to " government political risk " - the risk that by using some government program, you do something that is politically incorrect, or make a mistake, and suddenly find yourself and your company is now the target of a political witch-hunt.

By any measure, really, this "Main Street Lending" program is a failure. I am sure Mr. Rosengren is a fine fellow, but really, "Main Street" does not go to Boston to try to borrow money when things get tight and difficult. Trying to get help or assistance from anyone in Boston, would probably not be the first thing that a sane and sensible business-man would consider, would it?

This whole "Main Street Lending" thing looks to have been a political effort that was inserted by Democrats who were unwise, and crafted by Federal Reserve people who were not unwise. It appears to have been designed to work just like it is working now - ie. I've watched and seen government programs like this get created and run - and they are designed to be exactly like this - create the impression that something is being done - while not actually costing any real money, or causing any disruption.

Remember the joke about the biggest lies every told? I'm here to help you! Terrible ugly news about Alexei Navalny being poisoned in Russia, and being held in an Omsk hospital until he dies or the radioactive polonium is removed from his body. Just awful news. This may end the West's relationship with Putin.

This idea where you just murder anyone who threatens you - this cannot be tolerated. We can't have murderous gangsters running corrupt, nuclear-armed states going around killing folks like this. The North Korean regime will just have to be removed another corrupt "gangster" State, run by a murder-monkey , and probably, so will all the other "Murder Inc.

Maybe it is time for a big, all-out, world-cleansing project. We had thought Russia was actually transitioning to a working, modern democratic State. This is so very sad, and combine this with the fake-election run by that Lukashenko thug that is raping Belarus - it is just so very sad to see this all play out.

The 'Winds of Change' are blowing poison gas, now, it seems. The World has to transition to democratic States, and compete using commerical interests, not murder and violence. If we have to move back to warfare to fix this ugly horrorshow that is shaping up, it will damage us all very badly. But it may be necessary, sadly. Stock market reflects the money that is available. There is no shortage, since it is little more than numbers in computers now, obviously.

If you hold cash, you will watch it get inflated away. Stocks are not a perfect inflation hedge, but in early stages of inflation, they can do very well. Check out stock prices in Austria and Germany in the first half of each nation's big post-World-War-One hyper-inflation.

The data is pretty clearly focused here. I found the US Fed's Minutes for July which were released yesterday and read them from one end to the other. The summary:. Yield curve "caps" are not planned at this time, and administered short-term Fed. Fed targets a 2 percent inflation rate, and the various rates they look at CPI and PCI and various sub-categories are ranging around 0. But the SLOOS report Survey of Loan Officers at banks indicates that credit-granting is tightening, and loans are harder to get, as standards are being raised.

The near and medium-term future is clearly expected to be better than the current situation, and the monetary conditions are the easiest they have every been. Since the stock market is driven by these two main motivators - money being available and the 12 to 18 month collective picture-of-the-future that market participants have in their heads - it would be strange if there was NOT a vibrant, up-moving stock market.

Under these conditions, asset values can be expected to be very well supported, and should drift upwards. It is even worse than I thought. Canada has always had a crappy fecundity rate, typically around 1. You need it to be at least 2. Canada's is now around 1. What is interesting, is that the USA, which was always mostly above 2, has also cratered, and is now south of 1.

The numbers are so awful for Canada, that is is comical. Consider, in , the Canadian Fertility rate was 1. In Niger, Africa pronounced "Neeshar" , the rate is roughly 6. Don't be critical of Africa - it just looks like Canada did, demographically, in the 's. For Canada, In , the rate was 6. In , it was 6. In , it was 4. For most of the 20th century, Canada's rate fell from the high 4's, to 1.

In the 's, the rate floated around the high 3's - typically 3. In the 's, it fell from 3. By the 21st century, it is now well below 2, and latest numbers are at the 1. USA is following this same trend. In , the USA rate was 2. The birth-rate - especially among educated white people - is falling dramatically. We don't have the luxury of being "racist", because white females are not even close to making enough babies just to keep things operational, never mind have any sort of growth, economic or otherwise.

This is really serious. We are in real trouble here, as we are diluting and degrading everything that we are culturally. And we really have no choice at all, since otherwise, our economies will just stop working, most opportunity will fade out, and we will not be able to maintain a workforce and a viable military. This isn't a racist argument or something we should information-hide. This is just statistical fact, and it threatens our collective and individual prosperity.

And it is actually a very strange problem, since it is more than just economics. I recently attended an event, last year, before the virus thing, where I met a bunch of folks I had not seen in years, since school-days. An curious number of the guys present were just bio-failures. They had not succeeded in attracting females and reproducing and the situatlon was actually quite scary and tragic.

One fellow was unwell and was already living in a retirement-style home, another was living in the basement of an aging sibling, having lost literally all his money, and another looked to have become what the Japanese call "hikikomori" - a kind of home-bound person who has disconnected from society and does not socialize - almost an Asperger's Syndrome type.

And then I thought about two other close friends - and realized they both were also bio-failures. Both were very successful economically and made lots of money and had girlfriends and such, but had somehow not managed to get any of them pregnant, and had not got married. The advanced world we have built here - it's a death-world.

It's designed to go terminal. We have to seriously consider the idea that our "women-should-be-doing-everything-that-men-are-doing" economic, political and cultural model might actually be a lethally bad, and foolish idea. Even the base, which is to be difficult in the audience recording, full-bodied with thick figure. Hey I like this sound is recorded in Japan of venue …. Live it is also not lose to such sound, wow! Although perhaps it is thought that it is in their 50s, the tension, sharp of high tone, a sense of stability, great to have all.

It is catchy often considered momentum importance because of the person who has been singing power metal in the voice quality, but the technique is also a rarity. Now the Youtube is, even in this work, I raw power of the throat has exploded.

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What have you done? You laid your hands on innocence. That pain remains in all eternity There's no exit of this game Like chains that can't be broken now She will drown in the swamp of crime. Charles D. Citat: Morrison za Novembar 23, , pm. Uzivo ne, odgledao sam veci deo snimka koncerta Jed i noj, Najlepsoj, Uzbudljivoj.

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catálogo loja cd barato. mtv especial aborto eletrico capital inicial maxximum carl orff carmina burana carl perkins carmen miranda raizes do samba carmen miranda maxximum carmina na trilha do novo mundo carole king.

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  1. 1. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 2. The King Is Rising 3. Speed Demon 4. Warrior 5. Time Machine 6. Power of Love 7. Guitar Solo 8. We Own the Night 9. Guitar Solo Stand in Line Face the Enemy Venom. Disc 2 () 1. Garden of Eden 2. Wicked Maiden 3. Drum Solo 4. The Future Is Black 5. Lost in the Rain 6. Band Introductions 7.
  2. Apr 20,  · Impellitteri "Venom In Osaka" Umeda Club Quattro Osaka, Japan May 29, Known Lineage: Audience Recording > Silver CD > WAV > TLH > FLAC (Level 8) ; FFP Front and rear artwork included Disc 1: Carl Orff: Carmina Burana The King IS Rising Speed Demon Warrior Time Machine Power Of Love Guitar Solo We Own The.
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