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2 Oct, 2012

Cheers - Ghettobombs / Schizo (11) - Star Vol.1 (CD, Album)

Lovecraft Country. The Vow. Last Tango in Halifax. Van Der Valk. The Comey Rule. No Score Yet. Power Book II: Ghost. Love Island. The Simpsons. Bob's Burgers. Family Guy. The Boys. Raised by Wolves. It did work really well. He also had us perform some old school punk covers from Circle Jerks, D. But, the 4 of us who had a band before wanted to start playing.. D to go suck a dick. We are playing our own music, and writing our own songs now. We actually mixed our menstrual blood into the ink on the printing of our album cover.

Check out our myspace at www. We havent yet toured outside the states.. Describe a D7 gig, what can the audience expect? And what kind of people do you have in the audience? Caps lock for fuck sake.

We have been banned from every venue we play. Every show the cops come in and shut us down, and Christians protest outside. We have received death threats from radical christian and muslim groups that feel threatened by us. Why wouldnt we be their favorites? Most of us are true Anarchist by nature.

Our shows are complete Anarchy. Before we end this, please list your favourite bands, top-5 or something like that. Thanx for you wanted to contribute in Schizo Fanzine, is there something you want to add, feel free to do it.

We wish we could give you your fucking money back.. Thanx for the fast answers, I hope you will remember me when you release your CD this summer haha. And in did they released their debut album who is one of the strongest debut ever made by any band. I have not read anything bad about you and your debut CD was fucking great, have you heard anything from any label? Please tell me about your album? I mean of course some labels have a lot to offer a band but not in this genre and for a band who sings in Swedish.

As long as we can get some gigs and that people enjoy our music and shows we are satisfied. Our album is a plain Swedish punk record about typical things like work, love, hate and getting pissed. My friend almost went into a fight with Totta at Sham 69 down in Gothenburg. How would you describe you music. And you have swedish lyrics, what are they about? Have you ever thought about english lyrics?

What are your favourite bands? Anna lead-singer a just married nurse with a strong will and a lot of attitude. Hanna bass is the queen of partying all night long and still never get a hangover. Except once. Jennie guitars mother of Betty and the girl. Simple punk music with lyrics right from our hearts about the ups and downs in life. No English lyrics in mind for this band no. What is the best and the worst with just girls in the band?

The best part is that we enjoy spending time together and that we have the same goal. Being an exclusively girl-band is of course an advantage sometimes just because there are not that many bands like us. Have you ever or will you ever make use of that you are good looking girls? Of course every band take advantage of their benefits so whatever helps us get to do what we want: we use it.

My last interview with you was in november last year, I guess you have developed pretty much since then? How is a gig with KF nowadays? Tell about some nasty story that you have experienced during this time? We like to think that we have improved in both staging and musically so hopefully if you should see us today you would get some more energy from us and a little better performance musically too.

And what about beeing a girl in the punk scene? Are you really a minority? Is there any unity? Actually I had a conversation about the punk scene the other day and thought about why I love it so much. I think that punk is the only subcultural that really allows you to be the way you want. United in our dissatisfaction and our love to the music. Ok, do you think that the questions this time was better? And again, give me a question and you will get an honest answer.

Yes this time you gave me space to speak my mind, not only in the perspective of us being girls. No question to me? Okey, I will give me one. Do you think that the questions was better this time? Tell me about the future, do you have any plans for ? I wish you all the best and if you have have any last words, just go on If the gir ls ar e united, the y will ne ver be di vided. By: Monik girls are they nev divided. And this war took everything away. We dont have access to the sea so that makes paraguay a more inaccessible place for others Since then, my country had military.

Many were killed or just disappeared and nobody knows what happened to those people, all that we know is that it was a punishment from a fascist government. After this dictators was gone one of the first punk rock bands was formed like in or something meanwhile in Brazil and Argentina you could find punk rock scene since the 79 or something Paraguayan money, which is not so valued comparing to the others I can start to tell you about all the bands that were appearing through the time… but i wanted to focus on the female side of the story.

Just boys at the shows, and the only girls that showed up there where the girlfriends of the one playing, I was a teenager back then when I came up with punk music, because of my brothers influence actually who introduced me to the underground side of Asuncion, my city. In there was 1 all-girl band!! As time went by I started to look after punk rock bands and information about girls band punk rock related … as soon as I found the riot grrrl movement and some information about them.

This is such a long history to tell, so I will go directly to the bands that we found and were formed. Still, my country scene is very little compared to those from Brazil and Argentina, nothing compared to that.

Maybe a bit opportunistic but no, Im so far away from opportunism that is possible. Anyway, here is a little different contribution to Schizo Fanzine. Photography is my passion, but music is my love. I have been very lucky that I get to combine the two of them. I love being able to capture the true emotions on a musicians face. I have only recently been photographing the punk scene. I love ALL music but a couple good friends of mine from Pints and Punx really introduced me into the scene.

The first show I did was Dreadknock:Ripper. The emotion that poured out of these guys was incredible!

Their fans were so into the music like I have never seen before! From there it made me realize how much creativity there is in the punk scene. As far as girls in the scene, I think they have come a long way from the days of The Runaways.

Only lasting two years, Certainly not because of rock star attitudes such as Joan Jett, but more than likely because music fans were used to men being punk, i. The Ramones, The Clash, etc. Just like anything, with punk music, women have had to struggle to overcome stereotypical barriers. Maybe its just me getting… older, or more wise to my surroundings, but it seems like females are really coming out strong lately into the scene.

I really admire and respect them for their strength. I suggest you visit www. Sometimes good concerts, never-ending and at the same time surrealistic nights, people you know, usually from other. There are also some scene spots, some really hip and trendy, others the beloved shit-hole hidden like treasure between skyscrapers with 20 floors for more than 18 years of history…the sanctuaries of punk.

And unfortunately pretty bruised by the trendy and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona…the bad weed is not wanted on the sidewalks of the city, but this does make certain that the bad weed grows tall.

And having in mind that I prefer not to plan things, I use to come home late. If you hear a song and find someone to trash to it together. When i was 13, and started to play music, i got into metal stuff where girls were just into it but not a part of it: none of them was playing, none was doing something beside hanging out with her boyfriend who was playing in a band and so on.

I got into punk by chance and I immediatly saw a huge difference from the metal scene i was used to, with girls into it actively, doing distros, bands, running places and so on. I wanted to do it myself, and i actually started. Too much p. No Biklini Kill, no party! Now, since the first years of , i can state that this kind of matters are no more so common. It can be, first, cause punx can get informed via internet and for this reason, meetings and gatherings dealing with feminist subjects are no more needed to spread the ideology.

All the rest of girls are crusty-like meteors you see for one year and then disappear the way they appear. Few girls show a real interst in music supporting it and buying it, few other do music themselves.

I do myself love make up and skirts but i do my best to be actively part in the scene, playing or helping organising things as i can.

I sometime saw girls get bored for all the night while getting extremely overexcited. So, the final point is: how can we make girls be more involved in female issues again? How can they be more active? I did some misstakes with the planning work. Please forgive. Much water under the bridges since the birth of the punk, but anyway, I like it. But the best thing is to start from a bit classic hard-rock n roll, especially the vocals and some of the guitars, mix that up with some american old school punk.

Too much rock star rock n roll for me, how I now mean with that. Alright, here we go, an american band who I really like, that is not happen to often nowadays. The main thing that hit me is the rock n roll, almost rockabilly parts even if the biggest part is punk fucking roll.

Just the title of this record make me smile, and the song with the same name are great as well. But I really recommend you to try to order this CD just because of the eccentric cover. Or of course not JUST because of that, because the music is fucking good as well. The vocals are just as brutal as the music and all different tempo mix make the sound really proffesssional. I cannot say anything else that try to get your copy or download it.

I will do my best to get some copys of The Washingtonians to Schizo Distro. Take a look at their Myspace. Into The Dark: Season 2. Game of Thrones: Season 8. Killing Eve: Season 3. Lovecraft Country: Season 1. The Mandalorian: Season 1. Orphan Black: Season 5. Watchmen: Season 1. Certified Fresh Pick. View All. Fall TV Movies Leaving Netflix at the End of September Log in with Facebook. Email address. Cliff goes around telling people that Adolf Hitler moved into his apartment building.

Rebecca Parr Cioffi. Rebecca's father Robert Prosky attempts to make her return with him to San Diego while Woody tries to exert his will over Kelly, to make her move her things to his apartment. David Lloyd. Sam gets cold feet about reacquiring his beloved car, and goes so far as to romance the buyer's widow Dana Delany to get it back. Rebecca befriends a pig destined to be Woody's Christmas dinner. Frasier decides to start dating other women now that Lilith has left him, and makes a date with his young secretary, Shauna.

He ends up having dinner Shauna's family. Meanwhile, Cheers is hosting a family reunion, and Cliff and Norm are hired to videotape it. Norm can avoid an audit, if he'll just sleep with his investigating IRS agent. Sam is very reluctant to let the gang watch a videotape of one of his old games.

The gang at Cheers turn the bar upside-down when they believe Robin Colcord has stashed away a good sum of money somewhere in the establishment. Carla's daughter insists on having her father, Nick Tortelli, walk her down the aisle, despite Carla's objections. Upon learning that his marriage may be over, Frasier is thrown a surprise party to help cheer him up. Things go a bit further than expected after Rebecca offers to drive the doctor home for the evening.

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Heart of Stone. Andy Hill , Pete Sinfield. Boudleaux Bryant. Desmond Child , Warren. Michael Bolton , Mark Mangold. It's a Man's World.

SuperM The 1st Album 'Super One' [One Ver.] SuperM $ $ 97 $ $ Steel Wheels Live (Live From Atlantic City, NJ, ) [2CD/Blu-ray] The Rolling Stones.

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  8. Cheers originally aired on NBC from September 30, to May 20, Over the series run, original episodes aired, an average of 25 episodes per season. In the early s, 20 volumes of VHS cassettes were released; each had three half-hour episodes. The whole series is currently available on multi-disk sets on DVD, two to four per series is also available on iTunes.

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