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2 Oct, 2012

Chronicles - Seymour Shifrin - Chronicles / Three Songs / Five Songs (Vinyl, LP)

Chords Are Dirty Silver Shinhook Astra Naut-E Wand Star Convex JDC To Be Surreal The Big Field Time Melts Reality Of Space Excalibur's Radar Millentum Lost Think City Shades Amaze Seeing Sense Here we look at 13 of the most iconic album cover designers of all time.

Reid Miles The moody photography of Francis Wolff and the artistic genius of Reid Miles became hugely influential in the world of music and graphic design, and turned Blue Note album covers into enduring cultural gems.

Storm Thorgerson When Hipgnosis came to an end in , Storm Thorgerson started a company making concert films and music videos, including works for Robert Plant , Kajagoogoo and Big Country. Roger Dean born Roger Dean, the celebrated artist, designer, architect and publisher, created some of the most famous prog rock covers of the 70s, especially for the band Yes, starting with the album Fragile. Vaughan Oliver both Vaughan Oliver studied graphic design at Newcastle Polytechnic before creating designer drink labels.

John Berg Brooklyn-born John Berg worked as a cartoonist and was hired by Columbia Records in after a spell working for Esquire magazine. Peter Blake born Peter Blake, who has an indelible place as one of the most famous album cover designers in history, actually went into the world of art by chance.

Cal Schenkel born Cal Schenkel was a college drop-out with just a semester of art courses behind him when he met Frank Zappa. Format: UK English. Ridley Kemp January 10, at pm. Larry has no boundaries. This book is so wrong, but I loved every minute of it! I give it 5 Cherry Cokes! I am pretty sure my coworkers think I'm crazy by the amount of laugh out loud moments this well written satire caused.

It is set in diary format which is pure brilliance. Larry fills his work days drinking Cherry Coke and messing with Jim, his boss's secretary. Oops, I mean administrative assistant. Larry lives for Happy Hour, but do you blame him? I cannot wait to see what Larry has in store for us. Toodles until Volume 2. Sep 28, Tre Talbot rated it it was amazing.

Alright so be warned now that there is seriously strong language with just about each sentence so if you're not comfortable with that this book is not for you. Personally I absolutely loved it and couldn't stop laughing, Larry and his entries are absolutely priceless. Started really getting into the storyline toward the end and now I need to know what happens in season 2.

Cannot wait, toodles for now. Oct 04, Nikki rated it it was amazing. Wow where to start! He is rude crude but simply the funniest person ever. Could not laugh anymore of his descriptions of people and how much he didn't give a toss.

Nov 15, SusanAhh rated it it was amazing. Is this the famous "Seymour Snatch" that wrote the timeless tome " Under the Grandstands"? He was part of the writer's guild that penned "Russian Tragedy" and the "French Connection" or was it the "French Tragedy" or "French Rupture" It is grand that this literary tome sees the light of day because of Mr.

Snatch and Seester McSeesterson and their fortuitous find after a night of serious libation; moonlit nonetheless. I must admit some reviewer's prejudice at this point.

I review under the name "Sus Is this the famous "Seymour Snatch" that wrote the timeless tome " Under the Grandstands"? I review under the name "Susan H". It was difficult to hear Larryballs so creatively disparage, perhaps deservedly so, "Susan" for her indiscriminate taste in sausage. I almost thought my Ex had a hand in Larry's creative writing? I then relaxed because I never would even approach anything but bespoke sausage and my Ex had the creativity of a frog, nay a toad. I got over myself and I set about voraciously swallowing all the creative, enrapturing lexicon slop Larry had to serve up.

I utilize the word slop with the purest of intentions maybe too many pig jokes surrounding Jim put the word in my mind. Larry is a man for our time. He may be a functional alcoholic. He gets through his work day with aforementioned libation. I will leave the good stuff for you to enjoy on your own. He loves his very different children for who they are. He seeks to understand them. This is lovely and redeeming. His impression of Walmart while being straight on the money, surely cannot be what Sam Walton intended.

I mean ever been there? Where I live add toting guns with live ammo on to the picture Larry paints about Walmart. His wife practically admitted her adulterous ways after Larry pulled the most incredible display on Valentine's Day. You really have to read this gem. I usually like to pull a quote from the author's work to digest and showcase the author's fluency with language. Well, it simply was not possible. While it all was written masterfully, there is no phrase that does not boggle the mind with the entertaining profane or close to sacraligious.

Larry ' s self-expression has taken satire, insult, vengeful speech and appropriately tailored vengeful acts to a high art. His expression is beyond PC. Larry's speech transcends PC. It is truth speech. There is so much to be said for creative pranking and revenge.

The alternatives can turn one into a statistic There is a flicker of light shining for him and her name is Jane, the bosses daughter. There is electricity when they touch. She's lovely and I do believe her sense of humor aligns with Larry's. She represents hope for Larry to be his true friend, to share his unique perspective on life, work and family.

I am praying that Larry gets some good loving from Jane for the sake of his sanity, and as he admits, it will make him a better man. If you need a serious laugh America, feast on this fate-like find of Larry's journal by a dumpster illuminated by moonlight.

Grab hold of your big girl panties, gird your loins, don't snap to immediate criticism and simply listen. You will find we are more alike than we know. The lexicon is different but the feelings are known to all in one form or another. Oct 02, Edith Dunning rated it it was amazing. Sep 23, Maari rated it it was amazing.

Riotous If you are offended by crude humor, then this just isn't for you This book is so beyond twisted, quite over-the-top, but bust your gut, side-splitting hilarious!! You'll learn new ways of saying things.. There will be plenty of times that you can't help but shake your head, but you will continue laughing through it all. If not, find your funny bone, because this world is far too serious to not just let yourself go sometimes and laugh until your body hurts, tears run down your face..

Oct 09, MillsyLovesBooks rated it it was amazing. This book is not for you if your looking for a easy sweet read about a man sounding off about life, but if your looking for a Seriously HILARIOUS read this is most definitely for you but be prepared because this book is just like the warning gives you it is Offensive, Crass and Crude but hands down the most Funniest thing i have EVER read. This introduction explains it better than i ever could so from Larry himself If i offend you - even better.

I give not one fuck about your feelings. Some might call me a cynical asshole, but i prefer realist. I write what you think, and if you say differently then you are a lying sack of dick spend. So without further ado, read on if you must, and share in my misery. But within this unhappy marriage we do get to see the only soft side to Larry that is with his Love of his children because at the heart of Larry his children are his world and i loved his relationship with Timmy Aka Nine his kids are just as fun as he is.

But does he think the sunshines out of his kids arses hell no he keeps it real and tells it like he see's it I jump out of the car and slam the door. Hey, you two knock that off!

It doesn't even faze these little fuckers. What could possibly be going on? Kaley doesn't even talk to anyone. Did he kill one of her animals? He is sadistic sometimes. Did a frog only only hop eight times in a minute? I've had enough of this bullshit. I turn on the hose and spray the fuck out of the little brats. Hands down if i could give this more than a five star rating i would and i'm looking forward to season 2 , Bring it on Larry!!!!

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You already recently rated this item. Your rating has been recorded. Write a review Rate this item: 1 2 3 4 5. Preview this item Preview this item. Subjects Choruses, Sacred Mixed voices with orchestra.

Songs High voice with piano. The Grand Finale. Track Listing - Disc 3. Great White Hope. I'm O. Sing for the Day. The Message. Lords of the Ring. Blue Collar Man Long Nights. Queen of Spades. Pieces of Eight. Aku Aku.

Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Chronicles - Rush on AllMusic - - Though the band has since released four more.

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  1. Shifrin's work may also be heard on CRI recordings: Serenade for Five Instruments () on CRI SD ; String Quartet No. 4 on CRI SD ; Chronicles (), Three Songs () and Five Songs () on CRI SD
  2. 3 liked songs • k views • composed by Aaron Zigman. Chronicle. Credited Songs Official Soundtrack Trailer Music Comments (1) Complete List of Songs. Time Played. Add Song +5. Ready to Roll • Philadelphia Grand Jury. Philadelphia Grand Jury. Plays in .
  3. Responsibility Seymour Shifrin. Uniform Title Vocal music. Selections Imprint New York, N.Y.: CRI, p Physical description 1 sound disc: analog, 33 1/3 rpm.
  4. Get this from a library! Chronicles ; Three songs () ; Five songs (). [Seymour Shifrin; Roger Patterson; Allen Shearer; Michael Senturia; Christine Whittlesey.
  5. Don Travis - Don & Seymour - Vinyl LP - RARE HOUSTON - Cadet Don - Katark FOLK Favourite Auctions Seymour Shifrin: Chronicles / Three Songs / Five Songs: CRI SD Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI) LP,,, US: Ellen Greene: Suddenly, Seymour: Geffen Records: 7", 45 RPM, Promo.
  6. SWELL MAPS READ ABOUT SEYMOUR HOMEMADE VINYL PUNK ORIG. UNIQUE see below Favourite Auctions Album, LP,, US: Seymour Shifrin: Psalms • Behold! I Build An House / Serenade For Five Instruments: CRI - SD Seymour Shifrin: Chronicles / Three Songs / Five Songs: CRI SD Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI) LP,,, US.
  7. Chronicle, Vol. 2 effectively compiles all of the highlights from Creedence Clearwater Revival's career that weren't on the first volume. All of the singles were included on Chronicle, Vol. 1, so Chronicle, Vol. 2 is comprised solely of album tracks. That doesn't mean these are lesser items. On the contrary, the majority of these songs -- "Born on the Bayou," "Tombstone Shadow," "Wrote a Song.
  8. SIGNED Crowded House VINYL LP framed Neil Finn Nick Seymour Paul Hester RARE COA Favourite Auctions Seymour Shifrin: Chronicles / Three Songs / Five Songs: CRI SD Composers Recordings Inc. (CRI) LP,,, US: Ellen Greene: Suddenly, Seymour: Geffen Records: 7", 45 RPM, Promo.
  9. A&M Records' three-CD Styx box set Chronicles is nothing more or less than three of the band's albums -- 's Crystal Ball, 's The Grand Illusion, and 's Pieces of Eight-- packaged fact, it looks as though all the label did was take the discs and their one-sheet CD booklets out of their jewel boxes and stick them in a ten-and-a-half by five-and-three-quarters-inch box.

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