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2 Oct, 2012

Green Power - Pablo Croissier - Tetro Rouge (CD)

Labels: Sumthing Else Music Works. Wind River is a chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent Olsen who teams up with a game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past Renner to investigate the mysterious killing of a local girl on a remote Native American reservation. The home entertainment release of Wind River features all-new bonus content, including a never-before-seen video gallery and deleted scenes.

They were wrong. Runacarendalur Caerthalien has been a master of battle for hundreds of years, but he found himself on the wrong side—the losing side—in the last war. Betrayed by his brother, trapped in a prophecy he does not understand, Runacar flees the battlefield. Yet Runacar is no coward. In a twist he could never have imagined, the Elven War-Prince finds himself leading a new army into battle—a force of centaurs, merfolk, gryphons, minotaurs, and talking bears who can perform magic.

For centuries they have been trying to reclaim their lands from Elven invaders. With Runacar at the helm, they just might manage it. Civilization shimmered with magic while in the nooks and crannies of the world, dragons and unicorns hid from people who believed them to be nothing more than legends. The Dragon Prophecy, set thousands of years before that story, illuminates a time when long-lived Elves rule the Fortunate Lands. It is a time of dire prophecy, of battle and bloodshed, of great magics unlike any the Elvenkind have seen before.

It is the story of the end of one world and the beginning of the next. Lackey lives in Oklahoma. Mallory lives in Maryland. Labels: Tor Books. Also, part of the team is musical consultant Camilo Lara of the music project Mexican Institute of Sound. The score features an piece orchestra. Labels: Walt Disney Records. While bringing his celebrated and unique approach to the Justice League score, Elfman also gives DC fans some special familiar moments.

It just was great fun. The track Justice League soundtrack, which includes three bonus tracks, will be released November A two-CD version will be released on December 8, with a double vinyl edition coming February 9, Something really special about this release, hopefully the film will surprise us too?

Labels: WaterTower Music. Written and directed by Victor Salva, Jeepers Creepers 3 is finally unleashed fourteen years after the last adventure of the notorious flesh-consuming monster. The story of the third episode is actually set between the first and second film as Sergeant Davis Tubbs Davis Tubbs assembles a task force to destroy the Creeper once and for all the while growing closer than ever before to learning the secrets of its dark origins, as the monster terrorizes a local farming community.

After so many years of slumber, The Creeper is back and his music lives up to the greatness of the first two scores. For this third film, our challenge was to haunt the same space as Bennett, while carving out a fresh experience that would thrill old and new fans alike. We needed to infuse the old with the new. Not unlike our now-infamous villain, the Creeper. An ancient creature who emerges every twenty-three years to hunt, replacing its old organs with new ones, harvested from humans.

I started with the old: an orchestral sound inspired by Jerry Goldsmith and the other greats. And then, I infused it with the new: interesting sound design elements, and a very intense, kinetic pulse. The final result is a sound that promises to thrill you, kill you or both.

As a media composer, he started his career writing for SyFy movies and has now branched out into Indie film and other TV content. Labels: Quartet Records , Screamworks Records. The soundtrack is available now digitally and on CD. The song Ken and I wrote came much later in the process — it features the harmonies, thematic material and heart of the film — allowing it to grow organically out of the score at the end of the movie.

Labels: Sony Classical. Bridge Secrets Sky Coordinates Sector A Hide and Seek Deep Roots Somber Burial Patrik Andren Johan Soderqvist. De Premier Riva Media Records.

Fuglene over sundet Gateway Music. Hidden Figures: Runnin' Single Columbia. Hidden Figures: Surrender Single Columbia. Michele Braga Gabriele Mainetti. Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure. Rats Death Waltz Recording. Starfish MovieScore Media. Titanfall 2 Electronic Arts. Urban Hymn Sony Music Entertainment.

Don't Breathe Lakeshore Records. Bates Motel Lakeshore Records. Broad City Milan Records. Joost Langeveld Chris van de Geer. Desiree MovieScore Media. L'inchiesta DigitSoundtracks. Maniac - Vinyl Edition Mondo. Outlander: Season 2 Madison Gate Records. Psycho-Path: Mania Leading Music. New Releases. Previous Releases. Clearance Sale. Anime Music. I used Western orchestral instruments as the tent poles for the score, and from there, tried to bend reality with more unsettling atmospheric sounds built from an organic source.

Each cue is intriguing on its own, while intrinsic to the overall development of the score across both seasons. The scores are both lovely and profound in audibly capturing the alternative history which plays out across both seasons. The movie debut of graphic novelist Dash Shaw New School is told through a dream-like mixed media animation style that incorporates drawings, paintings, and collage.

Sample some music or purchase via iTunes or on Amazon. UK composer Raiomond Mirza has given this urban fairytale a powerful musical underbelly that enriches its emotive flavors and lends a palpable apprehension to its story. The film will be available on DVD in the near future. For more details see the film's website or Facebook page.

Little known is the fact that among the casualties of that day were twelve American prisoners of war held at the Hiroshima Military Police Headquarters since July 28, when they had been shot down during a bombing raid.

For decades, the families of these twelve Americans were never informed as to the fates of their loved ones. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Shigeaki Mori , himself a hibakusha A-bomb survivor , the names of these dozen are now included in the Hiroshima Peace Museum, and the relatives have learned the truth. Mori and his dream of reaching out to the relatives of these lost airmen. Released last July, this outstanding score which was nominated for best documentary score, and its composer nominated for best breakout composer of , by the IFMCA is worth a second look.

This is a poignant and respectful composition which fits the tone of the film, as it follows the dedicated efforts of Mr. It is not blatantly heroic, it is more of a theme of the heart. This was a cool opportunity to jump on board something that I previously knew. The sonic palette remained as we planned which was a score played by orchestra, a soundscape of guitars, vintage synths, and drums.

For more details, see: musicboxrecords. Croissier adopts the ubiquitous marcato strings beneath a powerful, languid melody structure for his main theme, and it works well and sounds great despite being a currently familiar musical modus operandi; and Croissier gives it enough contrasting orchestration to make it his own here.

The film also has an active Facebook page. For more details, and audio samples, see howlinwolf. In addition to recreating the minute score in its entirety, the James Fitzpatrick-produced Tadlow recording also includes an additional 30 minutes worth of bonus material alternate versions, instrumental versions of cues heard as songs in the film, etc. A magnificent rendering of a magnificent score.

The site has also been updated to accommodate more news about genre film music and information on new genre soundtrack releases. Please visit it often , or follow it on Facebook! BOSTON is a film about history, courage, and excellence; for any composer the amount of iconic American music that has been played by this wonderful orchestra in this hall resonates perfectly with our story.

To hear these players participate in the celebration of their home town was simply electric. Jon Favreau is directing the first episode and is also executive producing the show. The show is set to premiere next TV season on Fox. The film, written and directed by Paul Salamoff, follows a group of friends who make a remarkable discovery in a rural field. When they bring the otherworldly object home, they soon discover that it holds greater secrets that they could have imagined.

The Yamatoworks film is omnibus feature film based on legendary fairy tales; one of its segments revolves around a girl who has the power to give life to the very words she writes — including a monster that stalks and destroys whatever is in its path.

For more information, see musicbox-records. Set in s London during the Blitz, the film stars Gemma Arterton and Sam Clafin as filmmakers trying to create morale-boosting propaganda films for the British Ministry of Information. Horse Power 7. Loud Silence 8. Green Power 9. Descend Bridge Secrets Sky Coordinates Sector A Hide and Seek

CD Checklist Posted By: Scott Bettencourt on December 31, - PM: AALTIO, PANU TALE OF A LAKE (MovieScore Media) ACREE, NEAL REVELATION (Varese Sarabande) ALESSANDRINI, RAYMOND TRAVELLING AVANT/ESCALIER C (Music Box) ALVAREZ, CARLOS JOSE EXPOSED (Lakeshore - CD-R)Missing: Green Power.

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  1. Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present a Two-Disc Set for Pablo Crossier's score for TETRO ROUGE. Pablo Croissier is from the Atlantic Canary Islands, Spain, but currently calls Los Angeles home. He is a classically-trained composer who has scored soundtracks for a variety of film styles, ranging from fast-paced action flicks to modernized Westerns.
  2. TETRO ROUGE (2 CD) (CD) Composed by: Pablo Croissier. Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present a Two-Disc Set for Pablo Crossier's score for TETRO ROUGE. Pablo Croissier is from the Atlantic Canary Islands, Spain, but currently calls Los Angeles home. 8 Green Power 9 Descend 10 Bridge 11 Secrets 12 Sky
  3. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the movie Tetro Rouge composed by Pablo Croissier, released by Howlin' Wolf Records in Missing: Green Power.
  4. Oct 14,  · Tetro Rouge soundtrack from , composed by Pablo Croissier. Released by Howlin Wolf Records in (HWRCD) containing music from Tetro Rouge ().
  5. TETRO ROUGE is set in a future without electricity and features Skye a young woman with a mysterious map from her father on a quest to save mankind through a post-apocalyptic world. Croissier crafts a score with a vision to express nature musically, reflecting the majesty of the Swiss Alps.
  6. Tetro Rouge: Tetro Rouge () Composer(s): Pablo Croissier Released in: Country: Switzerland: Other Resources: Buy it at: Buy from Howlin' Wolf Records - USA. Other information: Green Power () 9. Descend ()
  7. Howlin' Wolf Records is proud to present a Two-Disc Set for Pablo Crossier's score for TETRO ROUGE. Pablo Croissier is from the Atlantic Canary Islands, Spain, but currently calls Los Angeles home. He is a classically-trained composer who has scored soundtracks for a variety of film styles, ranging from fast-paced action flicks to modernized.
  8. Pablo Garcia Croissier. October 18, · Los Angeles, CA · Today is a good day: Tetro Rouge's Soundtrack has been published! Vision by Luis Ventura. Music produced at LoudMono. Recording, mix & mastering by Zavosh Rad released by Howlin' Wolf Records. Tetro Rouge. August 31, ·Missing: Green Power.
  9. CD | Official Site: View 2 Titles: So Fine Music Box Records: Ennio Morricone: CD | Official Site: View Movie: Tetro Rouge Howlin Wolf Records: Pablo Croissier: CD | Official Site: View Movie: Tony Arzenta Tannen Records: Gianni Ferrio: Vinyl: View Movie: A Winter Rose - Original Score TogethermenT: Riz Story: MP3 | iTunes: View Movie: Arrow Missing: Green Power.

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