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2 Oct, 2012

Shut Down And Sit Up - Vim! - Linden - Home Of The Hits (CD)

Above and beyond. I stopped by Wal-Mart the other day to pick up a few things and I am delighted to report the good service that I got. First, a housewares clerk asked if she could help me, and then spent a few minutes searching for picnic-type platters. She seemed genuinely disappointed when she couldn't find any.

Two seconds later I spotted them at the end of the aisle, and her face immediately cleared. Then I was waiting in line at checkout, with my a-dollar-apiece platters, and a guy at the watch counter called me over and offered to ring up my items so I could be on my way.

Thursday, March 24, Downtown Kennett. One block east, the sign at the old Kennett Cafe still says that Jack McFadden's new restaurant will open in "early spring," but I'd say that's wishful thinking.

He is hoping to have renovations completed by June but admits that it may take a bit longer. On South Broad Street, a "for lease" sign has gone up at the former Cafe Lindo, which shut down a few weeks ago. My front door was locked, the back door was not.

Had I locked the back door the door window could easily have been broken and the door opened. Had I applied the dead bolt the process would have been more difficult and possibly deterred the thieves. One of the external hard drives was totally full of four years of photo work, most of which I have also saved on DVD's, but some of the recent work I had not saved elsewhere. I was unable to discern if any documents were removed. They left the back door open, the glass door was shut, the light was on in the upstairs back room.

I did wait two hours for them to arrive. A forensics detective visited the following morning and was able to retrieve fingerprints that might or might not be useful. I phoned a few pawn shops and was informed that they all send in reports to the police of merchandise brought in on a daily basis. Tuesday, March 22, Just Peachy! Being green. Nice people. How nice to see that lovely photo of Peggy Newton on page 2 of last week's "Kennett Paper"! On the House.

Probably like many of you, I received a postcard from our U. Little-known fact: Joe was my ninth-grade science teacher. After all is said and done. The Long Way Home. For some Pennsbury Township residents, getting out and about is back to normal. As one of those affected, my mother has been tracking the bridge's progress closely. She said she came home to find that the detour signs blocking the road had been pushed out of the way.

With an extra shot. The company's profit more than doubled to record levels Starbucks investors also got richer, with gains in the stock plus dividends up Saturday, March 19, Amazing service. The waitress brought back them back with an apology for taking so long. Social media. I'd love it if you'd "friend" me on Facebook. Just do a search for Tilda Tally-ho. Your story ideas and local news tips are always welcome. We have tried all the suggestions above and we cannot find a master or factory reset setting on our TV.

How do we find that reset on this model? We have had this tv years. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 15 seconds. Wait one minute and then plug the TV back in and press power once. Did that fix the issue? If not, you may have faulty capacitors on the power supply. The solution is to remove and replace the capacitors. It turns off almost immediately as it turns ON with only a flash screen before it goes off. What should i do? Have you tried unplugging the TV for an hour or more to see if it may reset it?

What is the model number of the Haier 32 Inch TV? I have a Sanyo 40 TV. It will run for about 10 to 12 minutes and then shut off. It will not turn on for a good five minutes, almost as if it is hot. I tried all of your suggestions, but nothing seems to work. There may be a bug in the software or a setting may have been set to turn the TV off after 10 or 15 minutes.

Try that if possible. We have a cable box, but it is always lit so means not part of the problem. Are you using the remote that came with the TV or a universal remote? I have a Proscan flat screen TV and it cuts off all by itself. Sometimes it stays on for a couple of hours and sometimes just a few seconds. I tried going and changing the settings but still nothing… please help!

Jennifer Boggs, Have you checked all connections? Are you sure it is the TV and not a component, like a cable box turning off? If you know it is the TV shutting OFF by itself, be sure there is no timer set to turn off in the settings.

If all looks good, you may have a bad power board. Check everything and get back to us with the model number of your Proscan and what you have found may be the issue. After on both audio and video are OK. After some time may be few minutes or few hours video goes off blank screen black color as if TV is off but audio remains normal. After switch off when again turned on, it behaves like above. Can you suggest remedy? If this is so, you most likely have a bad board or some capacitors on the video board are popped or blown.

Safely open the TV and inspect for popped or bulging capacitors. Replace as needed. Either buy new board, or desolder the bad caps and solder in new ones….. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. He has 33 years of experience troubleshooting and repairing all types of appliances. All of us are curious about what others think. This commons of idle curiousity illustrates what humanity could and should achieve. Jesse Jackson with acknowledgement of his character flaws was abstractly correct in his most seminal statement: "If you can collectively conceive it, and you a mass quorum of humanity can believe trust it; then you can achieve it.

That is my line in the sand, except that it is etched in stone, and you can't move it to a lower standard except by demolishing the edifice. All of us on this blog have proven to be champions of mixed analogy, and we are the better for it.

Certainly there remain worthy goals we must "give up" for the moment Linda because of strategic conditions. There will be increments of reform even with decided People Power. If we reserved a place to stand, we could leverage the world. We must assume that place and deny it to selfish interests. Improving oneself by learning to skin a cat and dive the Marianas trench are the self-interested illusions of a closet apocalyptic masturbater.

CC and Linda both made good points. But not quite sure what the 'give it up' line meant. Can you imagine if Americans did less than they do now to try and correct their dysfunctional gov? But I may have misunderstood what Linda had meant. Despite what others say, America still has some freedoms and is a democracy of sorts. And media may not be perfect, but it is infinitely more prefect than the media in China or Russia.

As I wrote in earlier posts we are looking at this all wrong. We put our hopes in finding a perfect human specimen that does a perfect job at governing or running a media conglomerate. Perfectionism is a human disease - animals don't seem to be bothered by it.

They just do the best they can and are at peace with it. Even if we found the perfect president or perfect mogul to run a media corp they would move on or die and we would have to put all our hopes in finding another perfect specimen to run things. The best that we can do is be alert to imperfect trends, speak out about those trends and then correct those trends.

Citizen action committee's and organizations can be formed to fight such corruption. But they must be given teeth to chew away at the sickness and disease just as a doctor is given a scalpel to cut out the cancer. But even these organizations will make mistakes as well. Just keep testing and corrrecting as you go - that is all the imperfect humans can do. When I look at the history of the ACLU it sounded like a good organization for doing the policing job of the gov for the citizens.

But somewhere down the line it too must have lost focus and seems to be just an impotent shell of its former self. I am especially impressed with the fact that "The ACLU has been critical of elected officials and policies of both Democrats and Republicans. Even when the ACLU does not provide direct legal representation, it often submits amicus curiae briefs.

Outside of its legal work, the organization has also engaged in lobbying of elected officials and political activism. Linda writes an articulate exposition of the dastardly role of the media. Typically, the role of a free press in a democracy is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. In our nation, the media has become totally obsequious and functions as an adjunct to, an arm of, the executive branch of our government.

This is not surprising, since the media consists of giant corporations. A corporation is a diictatorship, not a democracy. Witness the behavior of the media since the Reagan presidency. Consider the relative soft-glove treatment given to the current administration and the media's shameful role in "selling" all the lies that have gotten us into our current debacle.

The media has betrayed the population with impunity! Corporatism is a power unto itself, with no one left to speak for the masses. Anyone attempting to do so is derided as a demagogue. Congress has long ago abrogated their responsibility to the electorate. Adams, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, and all the rest of our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves. We've got new masters, and they are far more powerful and insidious than the British Crown was in One area where the national security state has been successful is where it has eroded Americans' civil liberties to the extent that it may be impossible to dismantle the imperial presidency without any effort short of all-out war between the people and the government.

I fully expect, probably in the nearer future rather than later, that our imperial presidency will use some crisis as an excuse, a crisis that may very well be concocted by it to preserve itself, to declare martial law within our borders and use its private paramilitary forces that currently operate outside the oversight of Congress the people against our own people.

Our government might succeed in doing this because of its success over the past almost years to consolidate America's media sources, thus creating a scenario where media censorship is not recognizable to the typically-poorly-informed TV-watching citizen.

Sorry, Bill. I don't think my personal situation is atypical when I say that most of my family members are scared out of their wits as a result of the fearmongering tactics used by the current administration to convince us that we must give up our freedoms in order to remain safe, a message that is carried out by a media industry that has sold out its obligation to the American people to provide real investigative journalism, and replaced it with mega-profits.

The "conservative" crowd that supports greater executive power loves to get this discussion bogged down in accusations of "conspiracy theory. That's it. What a hero Bacevich is for speaking up publicly. I will only fault him for his concerns re offending some people with his willingness to share intelligent conclusions that might seem harsh to some. My father was a West Point man, so I do understand his concerns. But I would encourage him to give it up.

This is very likely going to be all-out war to either regain our country and its democratic principles from the conservative "demagogues" who got their marching orders from the likes of Paul Weyrich and the plan in the s to create a conservative America by convincing the American people that conservatives can be trusted to take over US political structures.

Posted by: Linda August 23, PM. Allen Wrench,"The trouble is when opinions start killing people, it is a good time to do a reality check.

Are our opinions based on ego or are they grounded in fact and truth? David Eddy, Actually, opinions are based on information we have accumulated and have formed into an opinion. Psychologist William James once said, "A great many people believe they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. The Greek philosophers knew that when passion rules the mind, that the only job left for reason is that of the subservient task to find cleaver ways to satisfy the passions.

They called it "putting passion before reason. Addicts always put their passions before reason and sometimes put passions before even life itself when their addictions end up killing them. Sometimes this is due to just being a greedy sensualist other times it is due to needing immediate gratification to help diminish the pain from living a wrong life that is full of pain we have created for ourselves. We're doing something near to impossible, which is to predict the future.

We just don't know. As futurists we try to anticipate future events and the direction the world is headed in and as survivalists we try to prepare for those circumstances.

But ego, prejudice and passions are some of the things that can distort this process. Glad you are writing about it Grady. I know all I need to know about your from reading your posts. What you write give a glimpse of what is inside you my friend.

As I said, you don't have to justify your life to me. If you are happy with your life then keep on keeping on and if not change directions. Print out your posts and study them. You can use your writing as a blue print for change and what cannot be changed must be accepted if you wish to be at peace Grady.

Allen Wrench, "The trouble is when opinions start killing people, it is a good time to do a reality check. Many factors such as preconceived notions, vested interests and indoctrination has a lot of influence on opinion.

Hopefully, we are able to apply humanitarian and social considerations to our opinions. Usually, our self-interest is consistent with the welfare of other people because our fate is interwoven with the fate of others. Socio-pathic opinions are usually self-defeating because "We" are "Them" and "what goes around comes around".

I had hoped that people would have enough common sense to do what is in their own best interest simply as a matter course.

Somehow, people are rationalizing wrong conclusions causing them to form self-destructive opinions and are unable to get their mind around rational conclusions and form constructive opinions. Is it cooking with lead pots or what?

Reality is fast approaching the critical stage and we are bogged down with meaningless gyrations. But what is logical is not always practical when it comes to humans. Many of us think we live in vacuums and can do as we please, squeezing people to death and never pay a price. The business of humanism is 'all our business' if we with to live life at peace.

For in the end, your sanity becomes my sanity and my sanity becomes your sanity. A millionaires daughter was a student at Virginia Tech. She was living a happy, carefree life as any millionaires child might do. But one day she ran into Seung-Hui Cho. She was subsequently shot, as some other 56 were. She lived, but is now she is paralyzed. Seung-Hui Cho's sanity became her sanity Seung-Hui Cho's sanity also became the sanity for the other 56 people that shared his thoughts that day.

The mega corporations big wigs forget they must to go outside sometime and share the sanity of the public that they have undermined by poisoning for profit. Incidentally, I don't subscribe to any purist form of "ism" when it comes to socio-economic-ecologic arrangements. I believe that, since we are indeed navigating heretofore alarmingly uncharted territory on this little blue soon to be red, and then brown globe of ours, what we need is a vast pool of creative and caring thought-and-action if we are to have ANY chance of survival as mammals.

Other life forms are, sadly enough, totally dependant upon humans ceasing to poison the blue globe. Asking people to come up with "solutions" to the multiple crises with which we are faced is somewhat akin to asking someone who has just stepped on a nail and simultaneously gotten a small shard of glass in his eye to "walk over yonder a piece and have a look at the beautiful scenery around the bend".

The poor victim would be very pleased to do so, but first he is in desperate need of pain cessation. Thanks for staying up, David Eddy. He's a deep diver: maybe he's seen that "hole in the bottom of the sea. There's an allen wrench on the tongue of the mass extinct frog on the lump on the log in the hole in the bottom of the sea It's out there near Seattle, the garbage glob. I'm surprised you aren't helping with the clean-up. Allen Wrench: Did you ever see Oprah calling Ellen fat?

You may be a tool but don't assume the Moyeristas on this site are set screws. Even if we were your tiny girth would dangle in our hearts, never turning a cockle, and we would never feel it. Your short menu of 3 colors is fascist bullshit. We are discussing the possibility of getting beyond past mistakes.

Humanity is maturing and is ready for new possibilities. Both communism and capitalism breathed their last in the s, and even the hybrids like Yugoslavia were extinguished. Universal fascism rules the day. You need to read something new, maybe about neo-Amerindian movements in South America, or worker owned and managed cooperatives, or benign non-cult religious associations, or even a community garden near you and rephrase your inquiry.

I don't know what I advocate, but I will recognize it when I experience it. I broke with Jack martin because he, like you, and other boomers, lives in the past of list making and procedural solutions.

He is a good teacher and a kind man but thinks a Prius is a good car. How in hell do you know what I do with my time and money except what I have related? My wife and I have given all we have to a humanitarian organization that offers solace to low income artists and thinkers.

We pay the rent and utilities and try to help those who ask. We follow the example of Jimmy Carter and Millard Fuller in living simply. My health problems are due to organ crowding from dwarfism induced by a medical error when I was 8 years old. I have out-lived my predicted demise by many years. The truth is I oppose capital punishment which is a far worse atrocity than passionate murder.

I admit that I lie for money in the service of a Wall Street bank. I haven't seen anyone else in my situation confessing publicly. My unique situation of owing a GS partner who paid for my surgery out of his wife's pity affords me some protection until the debt is retired.

I am paying half what I gross. By the way, Wrench, are you a mechanic or something to earn your bread? Or are you Nigel Best messing with us again? Somehow my intuition tells me I sympathize more with Concerned Citizen and Average Airline Pilot than my right-angled antagonist. It doesn't matter who progresses to a better world first, us, or the Chinese, or the migrants from the south who will replace us.

One human being is about as good as another. What really matters is not individual survival, but the triumph of the human potential to live sustainably and humanely in peace with the environment.

As has been emphasized we all die because we are animal-bodied and tied to the evolved ecology of this planet. If only culture lives on, that is something to which we all contribute.

Preoccupation with previous procedure and the printed word could even be part of the problem. I feel like a dog scratching at the door of the accustomed.

I want to go outside before I die. Yes, both parties have problems with corruption, just like any political party since the dawn of history has. The question is not whether a party has corruption, because they all do, but rather to what degree. If you look at Republicans at the national level, starting with Nixon, over 30 Republicans in Republican Administrations have been convicted of felonies. The number for the Democrats in Democratic Administrations has been zero.

If you look at the number of shady politicians in Congress today, the number of shady Republicans far outnumbers the number of shady Democrats, even today after the Republicans have lost their majority and much of their power to implement corrupt schemes.

You can see the numbers at www. The Republicans have a real problem with corruption at the national level. Ever since Nixon and Ford burying all his crimes with a big fat pardon, they have never gotten over the problem of tolerating outrageous levels of corruption within the Republican Party. The message of Ford's pardon was clear: don't worry about corruption, the worst that can happen to you when you are President is that you are disgraced.

No jail time. No full airing of your sins. It all gets buried. The lesson was repeated by George H. Bush when he pardoned Cap Weinberger and five others who started to testify under oath that Bush was right in the middle of the Iran Contra scandal. Our current President has taken corruption and flagrant violation of the law to the extreme.

With his cabinet dominated by Nixon holdovers, like Cheney and Rumsfeld, he has ignored the laws against spying on American citizens without a warrant, against torture, against outing CIA agents, against using the government to promote your own party, and against manipulating foreign policy by using the government to lie. This is not to mention the massive graft and corporate influence that has resulted in his former White House Chief Procurement Officer being a convicted felon and in our taxpayer dollars being diverted towards crony contractors and Bush and Cheney's longtime friends in the oil industry.

This was a major issue last election. It will be a major issue this election. There is a reason Americans gag at the sight of the holier-than-thou Republican hypocrites like the self-proclaimed protector of children pederast Representative Foley or the champion of family values like Senators Vitter and Craig. Americans know that the corruption does not stop there.

Americans know about Jack Abramoff and how his corruption infected the entire Republican Party at the national level. Americans know that these Republicans at the national level have no character. They are either lawbreakers or apologists for lawbreakers.

The Republicans today tolerate an amazing amount of corruption within their party. And the outrageous corruption will continue until the party finally puts its foot down and says enough.

It will happen. It will happen because the Republicans will see that unless it happens their party will disintegrate. It is disappointing that Republicans are waiting to root out the corruption within until it becomes a matter of their very survival. It is disappointing that they are waiting to root out the corruption until they are forced to do it for their own self-interest, as opposed to rooting out corruption because it is wrong, it is abhorrent and it is unAmerican.

Resources both natural as well as human need to be allocated according to the "greatest general good". Corporations need to be "re-defined" so as to remove from them the "protections and guarantees" that were bestowed upon them by the Supreme Court when the latter defined a corporation as a person!

Obviously, what probably will be needed is some sort of hybrid socio-economic arrangement that allows for some sort of centralized planning in the public interest, while simultaneously preserving some elements of capitalism to be monitored and regulated in the public interest. Of course, these ideas are anathema to the multinational corporate entities that own and operate the world. The world's people are at the mercy of HUGE and out-of-control corporate entities that do NOT "relate" to terms like "good" and "evil" Let's see I wonder how much more fancy-dancing and "debating" the world's population can endure before we are ALL destroyed by these out-of-control "entities"?

Regarding book lists and seed-planting, I, too plant seeds and share book lists. I disdain and abhor anti-intellectualism, even though anti-intellectualism is as American as "God", flag, apple pie, mother, and indiscriminate violence against those weaker than ourselves.

Hi CC and thanks for your reply. It looks like they are blocking my links again, so I had to remove them. It is a crap shoot if they will accept them or not every time I post. Again CC, I have no argument with what you say. As Monsanto and the rest of American industry creeps along poisoning our world for profit. Your words are brought to life each day. And if they can't seem to get that 'terminator gene seed' bribe over yet they are working on laws to make it illegal for farmers to save seed from year to year.

And most of the time I believe it to be more like 'can we get away with it without going to jail' type of decision. Verona shared her book of 'Blessed Unrest' and while it is a good book for it's intended audience, it is useless for what awaits us around the corner.

I shared just a few of the books I found useful in my own life for peak oil preparations. And Grady's words ring true that we can get lost in books and never get around to acting. While Andrew's book sound like a winner, I do not plan to buy it, nor get it from the library. The topics he discussed in it are what I have been studying for decades, so that is an area that I am more or less content with my knowledge of.

I asked you and T. Rex for some feedback on this before and did not receive it. So let me spell it out a little more for you or anyone else to chime in on it. There are basically 3 modes of society and government in our world that would be applicable for the billions we have in it.

Pink - a combination of communists and capitalism So out of these 3 types of governments, how would you mix and match the best parts of each to form your ideal republic CC? You don't have to write a book like Plato did in his Republic, But just give an outline as to what changes we can make.

Find NJ. Tell us your coronavirus story or send a tip here. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. His comments were a reference to Barrett right belonging to a conservative religious group that insists women obey their husbands in all matters and that inspired 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

Maher also hit out at Trump who refused to commit to leaving peacefully if he loses the election saying 'nothing says democracy like a president who's a squatter'. The TV host also mocked the Democrats for 'screaming' about Republicans' hypocrisy in their fight against filling the Supreme Court seat left vacant after RBG's death before the election. Trump has vowed to announce his nominee Saturday and to plow ahead with the appointment despite fierce criticism from the Democrats. In , Republicans blocked Barack Obama from appointing a new justice to the court nine months before the election.

They said the seat should not be filled until a new president was elected - a standard Democrats now argue the party must continue to honor. In she joined the 7th U. Olivia Troye is a former counterterrorism adviser to Pence who last week joined the campaign against Trump and said she'd be voting for Biden, and has been making the media rounds. Gayle King has chastised Nancy Pelosi for calling Donald Trump 's allies 'henchmen', telling the Speaker that it was 'insulting' and unhelpful.

The television presented on Friday morning asked Pelosi about her previous remarks, saying that Joe Biden should not participate in Tuesday's debate with Trump. Pelosi said she stood by her comments, because she felt it was a pointless exercise.

King, who famously donated to Barack Obama's campaign, holidayed with the Obamas and is close friends with Oprah Winfrey, interjected, and called Pelosi out on her choice of words. We need your help,' prayed Graham at the march. The march, which stretched from the Lincoln Memorial to the U. Capitol on Saturday, was held just hours before Trump was set to announce he was nominating a conservative judge for the Supreme Court. Biden, who was Vice President at the time, had been with his wife giving a speech to members of the th Air Expeditionary Wing on March 7, In their message, Harry and Meghan called on American voters to 'reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity' in 'the most important election of our life.

The list does not include the royal couple. Royal aides believe that the comments have embarrassed the Monarchy, and senior Courtiers have held discussions about how to distance London royals from the couple, according to sources.

Some have gone as far to suggest their message was in violation with the deal they made in March with The Queen left. But I couldn't help feeling a certain grudging admiration for the old dunderhead last week. The joyous meeting in Kensington Palace gardens came on Thursday afternoon as the three children excitedly asked the broadcaster a number of questions.

Who was causing this nonsense? The answer is a shocking one. For it's us liberals who are responsible. Harry and Meghan are pictured center, while Pierce Brosnan, who backed calls for a female James Bond is seen inset. Madonna, who screamed at the Women's March the day after Trump's inauguration in January that she thought of 'blowing up the White House', although she quickly backtracked, claiming her remark had been taken out of context and that she had spoken in 'metaphor'; is pictured right.

Liberals believe that 'society should change gradually so that money, property and power are shared more equally'. Above all, liberals are supposed to be 'tolerant'. Yet here they are, screaming, shrieking, hollering and hectoring us all into a world of staggering intolerance, and attempting to inhibit or silence our freedom of speech, particularly on our most pertinent societal issues.

Nine mailed-in military ballots were 'discarded' by the local election office in a swing county in Pennsylvania, one of the most important presidential battleground states. The inquiry done by the Navy found weaknesses in the design and construction of the first-in-class nuclear-powered submarine, which had been built at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine, and based in Groton, Connecticut.

William Houston, director of the undersea warfare division in the office of the chief of naval operations at the Pentagon. Footage of the Hindenburg Disaster was enhanced in to show the crash in vivid color and higher quality.

Officials determined the Hindemburg crash was caused by a hydrogen leak that mixed with air. Werner Gustav Doehner, 90, was the last remaining Hindenburg survivor before he died in November Residents in California's Bay Area could be required to work from home three days a week after the Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted and approved a proposal.

At least 50 pro-Trump supporters joined together in Northbrook, Illinois, on Friday to protest a 'Coronavirus Death Scoreboard' sign that was installed in a local public park last week. A New Jersey nurse who shot and killed her husband before dumping his remains in the Chesapeake Bay has insisted she is innocent in a rare interview behind bars, 13 years after her conviction.

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  1. Linden, Home Of The Hits by Vim, released 01 March 1. Art Of Spelling It Rite 2. Winging It 3. You Know Laura 4. The Snow Set 5. Shut Down And Sit Up 6. Hot Darts Action 7. Just Some Pings 8. How We Wrote Promotional Video 9. Hot Rum And Lemon, Gannet! Exists In Bad Sectors Leopold 45 Jackie Batey Better Known As Crapak
  2. Sep 17,  · In recent years I found myself thinking more deeply about God and I wanted Him to tell me what He expects from His children, so I asked Him. Well, imagine being woken in the early hours one Saturday morning with the poem 'Shut Up, Sit Down and Listen!' in my head. I picked up the note pad beside my bed, I held the pencil, but I was not the Jude One.
  3. SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS both captures this once-in-a-lifetime event with stunning visuals and serves as an intimate portrait of Murphy as he navigates the 48 hours surrounding the show. Woven throughout is an honest and unflinching conversation between Murphy and author Chuck Klosterman as they discuss music, art, aging, and the decision to /5().
  4. Jul 18,  · Directed by Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern. With James Murphy, Chuck Klosterman, Keith Wood, Nancy Whang. On April 2nd , LCD Soundsystem played its final show at Madison Square Garden. Documenting this once in a life time performance and an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates the lead-up to the show, the day after, and the personal and professional ramifications of /10(K).
  5. This is "Sit Down Shut Up Clip" by Mashy Milkies Inc. on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
  6. Label: EMI USA - CDP 79 2,EMI USA - UK: CDMTL • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, AOR.
  7. Mar 21,  · Im wondering two things. First can you play music in a Linden Home?Second; if you can, how? I have both V. 2 and Pheonix, and I know how to add theURL for music and all that jazz. But it never works. So Im wondering if I missed somethingor if I can do it at all. Im totally frustrated with this.

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