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2 Oct, 2012

So Lonely

Information: Loneliness can affect people at any age, but older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation. Find out more about: loneliness in older people how to help lonely older people in your community. Mental health and wellbeing Help with stress, anxiety or depression Stress Anxiety, fear and panic Low mood, sadness and depression Help with other common feelings Grief after bereavement or loss Anger I'm not sure how I feel Mood self-assessment Your mental wellbeing 5 steps to mental wellbeing Mindfulness Mental wellbeing audio guides Improve low mood How to be happier Raising low self-esteem Reduce stress 10 stress busters Breathing exercise for stress Easy time-management tips How to cope with money worries Depression support Tips for coping with depression How to help someone with depression Exercise for depression Mental health at work Bullying at work Going to work after mental health issues Talking therapies and counselling Types of talking therapies Benefits of talking therapy Self-help therapies Can I get free therapy or counselling?

Helplines and support groups Get support from a mental health charity Depression support groups Mental health issues if you're gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans Loneliness in older people Loneliness in the elderly: how to help Children's mental health Talking to children about feelings Depression in children and young people Anxiety in children Dealing with child anger Children and bereavement Teen mental health Worried about your teenager?

Talking to your teenager Teen aggression and arguments Coping with your teenager Bereavement and young people Student mental health Counselling for student mental health problems Student stress: self-help tips Tips on surviving exams Help your child beat exam stress. Having friendships also seemed key: Spouses who consistently reported good social connections were more likely to avoid becoming lonely in marriage, the study found.

Women especially may benefit from frequently meeting up with friends, it noted. For men, it was more about the tension in the relationship: Husbands who perceived their marriages as strained felt lonelier. But I just can't convince myself I couldn't live with no one else And I can only play that part And sit and nurse my broken heart.

Now no one's knocked upon my door For a thousand years or more All made up and nowhere to go Welcome to this one man show. I wish I could go back in time and stay Connected with the friends I had in high school. Once I had a great time I had fun, lots of fun, friends, girlfriends, trips around the world, partying and all of that happiness that comes with socializing.

Unfortunately, I chose the money over friends and now I am paying for it. I now realize that money does not make you happy, most of my colleagues are in the same boat. We live in this measurable world where everything is based on how much money you make, what kind of car you drive, brand you wear, and other pathetic bs. Chasing the money dream makes us isolated, busy, and eventually lonely in our own pity worlds. Fortunately for me I know a way out and urge u guys not to give up hope.

You are not alone in this stupid reality. They can function and seem to have what we need but are either blissfully unaware of the falseness, or are very aware and are actively playing the game for their benefit.

We can offer something real, but I feel that scares or puts those people off meaningful contact. Being isolated and rejected for many years after decades of abusive one sided relationships allows you to witness the stages of change within yourself and also identify traits within those people. We certainly live within an upgradeable society driven by a consumerism, demand manipulated by industry and the media. This has damaged society and relationships in the long run for short term profit.

People dispose of and treat others without care, because they fear being truly known themselves. I was aware a few years ago that a state of disillusionment would catch up with me.

A realisation that the world we now live in or at least the values within the western world has very little to offer. Try and avoid the false the many. Real people need to bump into each other more often the few.

Nice to see there are like minded. I do feel lonely but resist people that just hang together because they know no better.. The world became a big soap and I just do not want to play my role. I do not want to watch.

I go out and hear peoples conversations about shit they bought or see them take pictures of their 6 dollar coffee payed by their parents. The world is going down.. Generation X this is the price we pay. Anonymous is selling t-shirts and stickers.. If anyone has an idea to make people like us spot each other in the streets we would probb have so much to talk about non of us would ever be lonely again.

I think we are mainly hiding from that horrible crowd of brainless consumers. I sit in a bar and see 5 people in a circle staring at their phone. I do not want to make friends with people like that. I just want some real friends. I definitely understand you. Im so lonely. No one wants to help. I cant even meet anyone single. I never get chosen. I already tried to kill myself two years ago but i survived. Everyday i wish i was dead.

I hate being lonely. I want real friendships and a real relationship. Ive been going through this for the last five years but the last two have been the worst. I just want to be committed to a psych ward so that i can get help.

None of the depression medicine works. I have no one to talk to. They think they know how to make me better but all i want is one good guy and one good friend who wont judge me. Leslie, Are you still there? Those websites and their articles are easy to ignore. What concerns me more are the articles like this one that on the surface appear benign—like the author cares—and more, has promised a solution to what research confirms can be a deadly problem.

Oh my god. My first therapist in college suggested that crap. I tried it. Over and over and over again. And yet, after every event, large or small, everyone ELSE gathers in small groups to make plans to socialize.

The bottom line is that people are free to associate with whom we want personally. At our university we recently published results from a study on the intersection of race and gender-identity. Of course, both communities deny this, but the evidence is to the contrary.

Soooo, minority gays experience dual alienation, which manifests in their lifestyle choices drugs, promiscuity… as they attempt both to piece together community where they can and to escape the pain of constant rejection and alienation.

And the therapy online, phone, at the university outlets are few, overworked, and ineffective at addressing the simple need these people have—sincere, constructive connection. And we all know where chronic hopelessness leads. Sot of like the troll sites you are referring to? Because the article offers suggestions similar to the ones professionals you see in person have recommended? And clearly there MUST be something about you that you have no control of that is the problem — because you do everything right and perfect and yet still are lonely?

In the end you lose all credibility, in the middle you discuss situations thta do not apply to you in any way as evidence that it is impossible and to suggest to others not you that there situation is hopeless- and in the beginning you try to make it appear like you have something valid to say but claim the article is bad because it is the same as professional counselors told you? I really recommend you go back and instead of argue the points with counselors and dispute the points of articles you try to apply the parts that might apply to your life.

This Tom guy is sharing his opinion about suicide websites and about suicide in general. Tell me why suicide is an option? There are eminent psychiatrists who argue similarly. But YOU are attacking someone directly for stating this. And especially in this environment, that should be absolutely unacceptable. Make your argument. This is just the kind of interaction so many of us find both common and unbearable. Curious and suspicious. I was abandoned by all my relatives when I was a small child and abandoned by all my friends some years ago, I have no one in the world who cares about me, every single day I am alone.

I am in college and I go to classes, but no one even knows I exist, no one gives me time of the day, I feel so worthless and unloved and unwanted. No one would even look once if I died.

I have never had good luck with men. So basically, I am good enough to screw but not good enough to marry or be in a long term relationship with. I am so tired of being alone and miserable. I have never been engaged or even lived with a guy.

I have only been on vacation once with a guy and that was 5 years ago. I came home from work today and just broke down crying. All day long, my co-workers are rambling on and on about their husbands and I am just sitting there looking dumb and feeling like crying. I am so jealous of them and I feel like why them and not me? I feel invisible and worthless. I almost slit my wrist today. I feel like so empty and worthless. I can relate to all the postings.

But I still have been alone my entire life and wish I had the courage to end it all. I have no friends and my family have nothing to do with me. My wife is more of a roommate and this is of my doing. Seem like life has been more of a prison sentence, wish it would end naturally but i know I will have to help it along someday. I really envy the people that can have close relationships that last a lifetime. Anyway wish everyone the best. Hi all — some really heartfelt stuff. However the only thing I would say is find your tribe — they are out there and those are the ones who give you comfort.

I love my dogs and looking at the autumn leaves and for now that is good enough. My last friend was in college, my junior year. Some people are just unlikable, despite not breaking laws or major social rules.

But it never happened. And now in my 40s, I get an instant cold shoulder from everyone. I just wanted to vent. I can finally do what I was reluctant to in decades past because I thought things could get much better. No one wants to be bothered. Know what it feels like for a homeless person to choose being on the streets over hanging out with you?

I started a new job overseas. I tried the steps, re-read the book every week. I was excited to meet my new colleagues and form a cohesive community. After 6 months of always working on my own, never having anyone to talk to or collaborate with, and always getting the cold shoulder from people I was supposed to manage, I quit. Ive been on this since I lost my family. Its 9 years since my mother died and Im all alone.

I do have work and a profession. But I cant talk to the people from my work about how I feel inside. I tried to make friends a few times, but often I get dropped or they refuse my invitations and I end all alone again, and worst is…I feel rejected. Im going to gym for abou 10 months, Im trying to make of myself someone I would feel interested and wanted to be with. So im working on my poor self steem to develop some confidence. Theres no one to help me and push me up.

Everyone that comes and decide to gone, disappear and leave me with less hope. Ive been ghosted last year by some1 I fell in love and that made me desperate. When I was recovering, some other came to say he was going to take care of me and I was the best thing that happened in his life…so suddenly he didnt wanted to meet me anymore and asked me to please stop sending him messages or looking after him because he wanted me to leave him to be in peace…. I recently found out through his social media that he dropped me because he found another person…so im feeling rejected and used…i cant even ask him what happened since im ignored by all ways of contact…going after him will hurt me even more and im already very damaged.

I stopped meeting people for now because im afraid to get hurt again. Its like I had enough so being all alone time will heal the pain and make me forget…. Before losing my family and being ghosted…it took me about 6 years to stop crying so I had around 2 years alone living what I tought it was a happy life, then this happenee and now i wonder how much time it will take me to recover. Please think about joining the forum.

Thousands of members with similar experiences and issues that can help offer both support and advice on how to get things going again. Even more importantly, they offer freindship an dpeople to talk to — people thatunderstand how you are feeling and that care.

It is so hard trying to do it without anybody offering any support or encouragement but it does not have to stay like that. Well sometimes it has been hard for me to be alone. I take care of elderly parents. But sometimes I get little to no interaction. I find it difficult to form and keep relationships.

The subject depresses me a little. I do stay home a lot. Tried of ever talking about mine again, no point, but why does everybody have to add God into the equation. Wish God would take me, only have cats and God, blame it on God? Maybe we have to do the best we can with what we were handed? Death will come soon enough! I remember what it was like to feel like this many a time and I know how terrible it feels to really be all alone.

But having an obsessive interest of mine like science helped a lot even when it seemed no one loved me at all. It seems I have had times when I have needed some kind of friend. Lately I have felt this way. I still feel so alone even now. I felt I had more friends as a child than I did as a grownup.

Being an adult has been a very lonely time. I wish I had gotten to go to camp as a child. Cause well maybe I would have gotten to go canoeing and several other fun activities. It can be tough for find a sense of belonging as a grownup. I just wish I was happier. I wish so much I could change my mood.

So it can make it doubly hard to get out of this depression. Loneliness seems like a life sentence. I have strong feelings of worthlessness and regret over my life. I used to work a job at the church twenty some years before and I miss the happiness and the feeling of fellowship that I had a long time ago.

I often find myself reminiscing over the past and the trends of the time and also my young teenage self. I felt so idealistic back then. Now I have felt so jaded. I have had night time dreams of being much younger. Worthlessness and regret are often my closest companions.

I have terrible trouble with controlling my emotions. When will I ever change? Positive change seems so laughable. Life seems to conspire to make me mad. It turns out the gas I had was old and I had to fill it with newer gas. Also if it rains it may not start at all either. So it took me hours to figure out there was water in the gas tank.

Figuring things out is often hard for me. And then suddenly the attention is withdrawn a half an hour later. You're so isolated The video for the song depicts the band walking around the streets of Hong Kong and on the subway trains of Tokyo in The B-Side "No Time This Time" was originally a non-album track, but the same recording later appeared on their album Reggatta de Blanc to pad out the short running time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song by The Police.

For other uses, see So Lonely disambiguation. You can also bypass the public nature of YouTube comments by sharing here. Cats, birds, snakes, rats. Whatever floats your boat. There are shelters in almost every county, many of which need volunteers to make sure animals get the right care.

Nov 17,  · So Lonely Lyrics: Feelin' out of touch / Lost my way / No one ever asked me why / Tried to move along / Never looking back / You're gonna come around in time / Alone / .

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  1. “So Lonely” was The Police’s first fusing of punk and reggae that would become not only a pioneering new sound in rock, but also their signature sound. It was the band’s third single, the last from.
  2. Aug 21,  · The feeling of loneliness can exist in us even when we are surrounded by people. We can be in the midst of a crowded room, we can be the life of the party, we can be on a .
  3. Dec 13,  · About “To Be So Lonely” 1 contributor After the emotional ballads of “Cherry” and “Falling”, “To Be So Lonely” resembles a drunk phone call that may come at .
  4. Jun 16,  · Music video by Akon performing Lonely. (C) SRC Records, Inc., Universal Records, A Division Of UMG Recordings, AkonVEVO.
  5. Our loneliness quiz is based upon a multitude of research that centers around a shortened version of Russell, D. (). The UCLA Loneliness Scale (Version 3): Reliability, validity, and factor.
  6. Nov 12,  · So Lonely Lyrics: Without my guns, I feel so lonely / Without my chips bitch, I feel so lonely / I'm not the one, when it's on I'll gun down your whole fleet / These niggas think they know me but.
  7. JOIN ARASH ON FACEBOOK Broken Angel Video Directed by Fred © Dec WMG/EM.
  8. So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely So lonely Now no one's knocked upon my door For a thousand years or more All made up and nowhere to go Welcome to this one man show Just take a seat they're always free No surprise no mystery In this theatre that I call my soul I always play the.
  9. Sep 08,  · So, if you have a lonely parent, some of your emotional turmoil might have more to do with biology than context. However, don’t underestimate the significant role that nurture plays in your loneliness. Studies also show that even if you’re genetically identical to another person, you’ll feel lonelier if you have less social support.

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