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2 Oct, 2012

The Audio Obsticle Course - Evil Ed (2) - The Enthusiast (Vinyl, LP)

Pretty much anything you specifically like and seek out is a 'niche hobby,' so, please, shut up about that part. It makes no sense. For about 1, bucks, plus some Best Buy Monster interconnects and speaker wire, a person can get great sound from vinyl. If you think vinyl is too pricey, go shopping Loads of stores with good sounding records for cheap.

I just got a crystal clear brand new looking and sounding copy of Deodato's "Prelude" for The world is crawling with cheap vinyl. Cerwin Vega SL-5M speakers for bucks. Now, Vinyl is just a niche. My ritzy neighborhood doesn't have one single record player. My Mailman tells me that my city of 12, people , has one Record Collector whom I haven't met. Only one of my Esoteric Audio Customers mid s is still active in Vinyl, he was married but now divorced, he has a music system in every room of his house, he collects vinyl.

If people wanna collect vinyl, go ahead, don't need my blessing. Geez, I was selling quality Analog stuff back then. CD killed my business along with all my competitors. Acoustic in Salinas is Vinyl's last hope. I rather like Chad Kasssem, he stands alone as a Vinyl "truth teller".

Any chance we could convince you to choose to haunt the "I own horsies and boats" forums instead of vinyl stalking?

Audio is a gigantic business, people love music, people demand music, they purchase Audio systems in all their cars. They rarely buy Audio for their home. They also have superb audio in their phones. Lots of stuff sounds good without vinyl mechanisms and commitment. It's the actual recording, mixing and mastering that produces Sound Quality, it's not because it's vinyl or RedBook or 24x A great Recording will produce outstanding reproduced sound quality.

But, you can't carry around vinyl music like you can with a Walkman CD. The world saw the light. They might have an Oppo player but mostly rely on what the Cable Company provides.

Geez, I'm not being a smart ass here, I'm relating the reality of today's marketplace, for gods sake. By the way, Movie sound is higher quality than what's available on music only recordings including vinyl. Maybe join the Amish, they play music without electricity, the good ole way! People can appreciate what vinyl does well but still prefer digital. They each have their strengths and weaknesses just as everyone has their preferences which distortions they prefer all analog and digital systems have distortions, and which you prefer is a matter of personal taste.

I am also convinced that vinyl will be around for a long time yet, both for its distortions that are so different than digital's, and because the format still has popularity in multiple demographic groups. If I was a multi-millionaire, detached from daily worries about money, mostly , I would want to go a big step further and create a cost-no-object mechanical recording system.

No electronics on the recording end, but a modern playback system for listening. It should be possible with materials technology to capture a wide range of frequencies say, 35 hz to 15 khz and suppress any resonances, resulting in a pure hi-fi sound with no electronics distortions introduced in the recording process.

Capturing the sound without microphones is where the big challenge would be, but much could be learned from the process and carried over to other things. Anton, the voice of vinyl reason. I work weekends at a popular 35 years old record store in NYC.

We have seen our customer base explode from old geezers collecting jazz to young people between 18 and their early 30s, all buying vinyl and all buying jazz. Our vinyl sales far exceed the CDs, and we stock import and domestic CDs that are available nowhere else in the city. It's the old, close-minded codgers that write off vinyl.

Niche, my ass. All this debate about vinyl vs digital, it's all so silly already. There's room in the world for both. I don't get why some have to take exception to what makes others happy. I collect both cd's and records and I get great joy from both. I think a lot of it is people trying to validate their tastes, without realizing that taste isn't objective I mean, you think, "holy crap, how could he make a worse movie than Pixels? Ken Mac is right, drive over to Priceton Record Exchange and Academy here in NYC and you have to push your way through the vinyl section from all the young kids perusing records.

Met one of these youngins at Academy one day who had an Audio Technica table and was a McGill student from Montreal, my alma mater, he came by bus for a few days just to buy vinyl.

Said he mostly listens to records and uses his CD player less and less. I recall every City having a "Record" store, we'd go record shopping every weekend, we didn't need lots of money and we'd find "Treasures", we could meet people at record stores, it was our fun adventure. Used Vinyl is viable as a business. I've sold most of my "Store-demo" collection on eBay. I buy rare music on eBay. Jon Labert is right, you can't find "everything" on eBay or his store, discovering rare music is an exciting adventure and a wonderful hobby, all on it's own.

It would take decades of time to listen to the entirety of my personal Collection, soooooo, I'm buying music that I'll never listen to. Should I sell everything and Rent from now on? Great prices and the inventory is awesome. They understand their customers. Jazz record center in NYC that Mr.

Cohen runs is awesome as well as Academy on 18th, great people great selection. In Montreal visiting the folks once the formalities are over, I am off to the record stores here. I feel sorry for people who sold their tables in the 80's and their collections, but it's not too late to start again. Search form Search. Show Munich More Reports. Gramophone Dreams.

Log in or register to post comments. Non Phixion - 5 Boros. Heltah Skeltah - Understand. Heather B. Sadat X Feat. Money Boss Players - Game's Sober. Mr Live - Supa Dupa. D - The Real Weight. Smoothe Da Hustler - Huslin' Remix. Godfather Don - World Premiere. Camouflage Large - Cocbacda 9.

Ill Advised - Through The Eye. Nine - Lyin King. Jeru The Damaja - One Day. Finsta Bundy - Feel The High. Adagio - The Obvious Joint. Cru - Nuthin' But. Cover - I'm Trapped. Rhyme Of The Times BBC Racists Drop Bombs Take Heed Verbal Wars Phi Life Phi Life Last Men Standing Fatcats Herbaholics Phi Life Is Here Tiks Sappan Bring It To Ya Bad Men From The West Class A Material Crazy Balheads Millennium Metaphors Shining 94mb Megaupload Link.

While Frisco concentrates more on the beats Styly can also be found performing around the country as ' MC Pitman' the foul mouthed miner from Coalville in Leicestershire.

His first album 'It Takes a Nation of Tossers' was released in to mixed reviews and followed up in with 'Pit Closure', a skit based comedy album. COM Discogs - Mr Scruff Discogs - Mrs Cruff Mr Scruffs got an absolute plethora of titles to his name, and some full to bursting type crates of remixes, so make sure you're fully schooled on a good deal of these.

Real tek Lektrnoic down tempo next level stuff. Great listening. Three times the LPs of good eating. Which you can buy direct from Mr Scruff.

I want to take on more team members. I know things are reasonably fast anyways, but I want it faster. If you're interested and You've got a good time served knowledge of both UK and Global hip hop.

Post a comment on this post with contact details and I'll scrub it once I've got the info. This is an exclusive nearly today. Although the tracks around 18 months since birth, the videos just been thrown on Youtube this afternoon.

Just signed to Dropzone, Loki's someone you need to be investigating. Discogs - Foreign Beggars Dented Records I don't care where you're from, If you havn't woken your scruffy arse up to what Foreign Beggars are putting together, then what music is it that you're actually living? But with numerous efforts under their belts already, these characters are pushing all the correct buttons.

Crypt Drawl EP is quite difficult to get hold of, so If you see this out on foot patrol, waste no time n hand over the readies. The star of this 12 is definately Crypt Drawl. It's just so fuckin nasty it goes places so dark that hip hop tracks don't often go this deep, really nasty rage filled raps here seriously. Don't fuck about this isn't for 14 year olds waiting for the new Justin Timperdink CD, or 3 wannabees rapping about Clio V6's in the garden shed.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Svenska Edit links. DVD cover. Anders Jacobsson [1]. Sweden [1]. Lenovo V15 ADA Amazon See price. Check out these interesting ads related to "v15 shure" rega rp1 professional turntables shure v15 shure stylus nad turntable vestax pdx denon dl ar turntable thorens turntable roksan turntable goldring lenco tonearm ortofon rega rb dynavector 10x5.

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Special Moves V1. Buggin' Out Recordings. The Tournament Round 1 EP 3 versions. YNR Productions. The Tournament Round 2 2 versions. Evil Ed 2 , Ricochet 2. Skullsnap Records.

Get Evil Sounds from Soundsnap, the Leading Sound Library for Unlimited SFX Downloads.

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  1. Evil Ed is a Hip Hop DJ/producer from the UK who has been making tracks since the late 's and has been involved in many records since his first vinyl release, the .
  2. Listen to EVIL ED | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. sample city. 9 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from EVIL ED on your desktop or mobile device.
  3. Dec 06,  · Of course the most notable of all is Mike Skinner and The Streets. It’s his lead that Evil Ed looks to follow. It’s his lead that Evil Ed looks to follow. Not that I’m comparing the two for an instant – Evil Ed has a totally different way with words and deals with weighty subjects such as oppression, finding resilience in some keenly Author: Ben Hogwood.
  4. Various - Audio Obstacle Course - Vol. 1 (TAPE) available from just 5,56 € incl. VAT - This article includes 1x TAPE - Original - buy now on Vinyl Digital Record Shop - Hip Hop / Rap, Instrumentals - Worldwide Shipping!Brand: Soundweight.
  5. Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Evil Ed. Mostrar todas las entradas. martes, 26 de mayo de Evil Ed ‎– The Enthusiast () VBR. 1. Intro (The Enthusiast) Scratches – Eddie Skratch. 2. The Ed Zone Featuring – Jehst. 3. Nico Suave Featuring – Yungun The Audio Obsticle Course Scratches – DJ Index, Eddie Skratch. Raw.
  6. Track B14 is taken from Yves Klein / Charles Wilp - Musik Der Leere, Sight & Sound Production Resco, Germany, , LP / 33 rpm Track B15 is taken from An Audio Obstacle Course, Shure Trackability Test Record, USA, , LP / 33 rpm.
  7. Shure - Audio Obsticle Course, The V15 type V, R. Shure - Audio Obsticle Course, old now and not used for quite some time but did play ok when last used, please see pics for condition. this has come from a recent clearance along with other high quality items.

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