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2 Oct, 2012

The Real - DJ Beatwars - Total Destruction 14 (Cassette)

So she decides to come up with her own type of instrument. She gathers all of the things she needs, some of them being:.

Finally, she combines them into one thing and is prepared to go to the Summer Serenade. However, because of the Tibble Twins playing randomly, many people are leaving. But when D. At the end of the song, D. Everybody is amazed and applauds her, wanting her to take another bow. The Tibble Twins then want D. He and the Autobots go to a desrted part of the city where the meteorite crashes to collect fragments for study.

Later, Megatron probes the minds of the Dinobots, who are guarding the meteorite, and use their weaknesses to turn their allegiance away from the Autobots. Meanwhile, the Autobots discover the fragments are explosive and when they return to the crash site to dispose of the meteorite, find the Decepticons have stolen it.

The Dinobots surprisingly attack Optimus Prime, and, unable to destroy him, take him to the Decepticons who are sapping the meteorite's energy. Wheeljack creates two new Dinobots to battle the original creatures and rescue Optimus Prime, and when the Autobot leader risks his life to save one of the original creatures, all the Dinobots join together with the Autobots to defeat the Decepticons.

Arkeville, has teamed up with Megatron and the Decepticons to create an army of human slaves using Arkeville's mind-control device. Megatron schemes to bring Cybertron into Earth's orbit, using the existing space bridge technology on Cybertron. The resulting gravitational forces will cause tremendous natural disasters--earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

And the Autobots will not be able to stop the humans like they would the Decepticons! Sparkplug is one of the humans captured by the Decepticons, and he is outfitted with the mind- controlling device. He betrays the Autobots, almost causing their destruction, and Spike, his son, is tormented and confused by the mystery of his father's behavior.

At the climax of Part One, Cybertron arrives near Earth, and the natural disasters begin! The Autobots learn that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron in order to protect the planet from being harmed by the Autobots, and Spike begs Optimus Prime to let him go there with a few Autobots to rescue his father. After sneaking inside Decepticon Headquarters on Cybertron, they discover the plans for the mind-control device, and are discovered themselves by Sparkplug who sounds the alarm to bring the Decepticons!

They return to rescue Sparkplug and head for home. Wheeljack arrives just in time to free the human slaves from control and move them out of the way of the Autobot's attack.

In the midst of battle, Megatron takes off in the starship, and the Autobots join together to blast it out of the sky. The resulting shockwaves knock Cybertron out of Earth's orbit, sending it spinning out into space. Everything returns to normal, but we later discover Megatron has survived the explosion! Arkeville to the scientist's hidden lab in the mountains.

There the insane Decepticon discovers the "PowerSource"--a highly-volatile form of ultimate energy. Megatron returns and regroups his robots to follow Starscream there, and the Autobots trail after them. Meanwhile, Starscream adds a timer to the Power Source so that it will blow up the Earth.

Taking Arkeville with him so that he won't interfere , Starscream goes to Cybertron, planning to collect the resulting energy waves on his home planet. Megatron and Prime arrive at the lab. They disconnect the timer, and Starscream --who has "transformed" Arkeville into a part-machine, must return to Earth alone to see what went wrong. Megatron and Prime join together to shoo the volatile "bomb" into space, where it explodes, knocking Starscream down to Earth--into Megatron's waiting arms!

Both the Autobots and the Decepticons are alarted to this new life form, and go to the scene quickly to investigate.

The Autobots are surprised to learn that the Insecticons, besides being nasty creatures themsleves, can replicate quickly.

Megatron meanwhile discovers the structures where the Insecticons live. It was originally part of the Decepticon spacecraft that jettisoned away just before the Autobots and Decepticons crash landed on Earth.

Evidently a smiliar reconstruction phase took place, using insects as a model instead instead of cars and planes. Megatron tries to team up with the Insecticons, using them to keep the Autobots at bay while he steals energy from an oil refinery, but the Autobots intervene, and while they battle it out, the energon cubes are stolen away by the Insecticons!

Then Megatron challenges Optimus Prime to a one-on-one duel, the loser to leave Earth forever with his robots. Meanwhile, the evil Decepticon leader orders the Constructicons to dig into Autobot headquarters to stop Teletraan I from warning the Autobots of Megatron's scheme. While Prime loses the duel, the Dinobots are alerted by the master computer, and they battle with the Constructicons. The Autobots learn of Megatron's cheating, and when the Constructicons join together to form one huge robot, Devastator, Hound creates a huge hologram which distracts Devastator long enough for the revived Prime to fire at him.

The Decepticons, etc. Wheeljack and Ratchet successfully gamble in transferring Spike's mind into the body of a new Autobot to keep it functioning while his body is in surgery. Disgusted over what has happened to him, Autobot Spike sees himself as a Franskenstein monster, and this plus the side effects of the mind-transfer process cause him to go amok.

Megatron succeeds in influencing Autobot Spike to join his forces against the Autobots, whom Spike holds responsible for his condition, but it ultimately backfires. Spike returns to normal when his mind is safely transferred to his own body after the successful operation. It also enables Megatron to activate his "Star Needle" device which taps into the sun to create an unlimited supply of pur plasma energy.

Optimus Prime finds a fatal flaw in Megatron's calculations: The Star Needle will cause the sun to explode in just two hours and destroy the galaxy, but he is unable to convince Megatron of the truth. The Autobots attempt to defuse the Star Needle, but, ultimately, the success of their mission rests with Gears, who struggles to overcome the evil domination of Megatron.

Spike and the Autobots succeed in rescuing and restoring Optimus Prime, and, together, defeat Megatron and his Decepticons, saving the famous city. But the Autobot rampage is directed by Megatron as a diversion that will enable him to commandeer Earth's new orbiting solar power statin, making the Decepticons invincible.

Spike and Sparkplug have not been affected, of course, nor have Jazz and Brawn, who fortunately escaped the contamination because they were out on a scouting mission. Sparkplug comes up with an "antidote" that will drain the unstable energy from the systems of the Autobots, but it must be administered with great risk--and soon, before the Decepticons blast off in the solar power station.

Infiltrating Insecticon headquarters, he steals some energon cubes and leaves clues laying the blame on Megatron's forces. When he deposits the energon cubes in the Decepticon storage area, Cliffjumper spots him and reports his apparent treason to Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, Mirage's plan works, and the Insecticons move against the Decepticons to retrieve their energon cubes. During the action, Mirage is is hit by one of Bomshell's cerebro-shells.

When the Autobots arrive, they find the mentally- altered Mirage fighting alongside the Insecticons, but their arrival serves only to unite the two forces once again. As the Autobots move in to destroy the storage station, they capture and restore Mirage to his former self to prove his loyalty not only to themselves, but also to Cliffjumper.

When he leaves his post to check her out, thinking she is a Decepticon spy, Megatron and his forces sneak in and overpower the Autobots, getting away with the Immobilizer. Disgusted with himself, Ironhide retires from active service. Meanwhile, Wheeljack is worried that the Decepticons might determine how to make the effects of his device permanent and, therefore, make them unstoppable. The Autobots, minus Ironhide, roll out to recover the device, but are ambushed by the Decepticons.

Feeling responsible for their plight, the girl--Carly--almost succeeds in singlehandedly destroying Decepticon headquarters, but is captured herself. Ironhide not only rescues her, but also helps her rescue his fellow Autobots who have been "frozen" by the Immobilizer--and he realizes he is still needed. Megatron invades the racing arena with his just-developed "Stasitron," trapping the Autobots in their vehicular modes, unable to transform back into robots.

Chip races back to Autobot Headquarters with Spike to meet with some of the Autobots who remained behind. There, Chip uses his computer expertise to come up with a ray to counter the Stasitron. Subsequently, in a desperate downhill cheelchair ride, Chip the physically delivers the explosive knockout that enables the Autobots to transform and overcome the Decepticons.

A small Autobot force finds that the Decepticons and the Atlanteans have joined forces--but Wheeljack is captured. As the island of Atlantis rises to the ocean's surface and heads up the Potomic to capture Washington, D. The Dinobots are called in to the rescue--and they not only destory the ray gun before it can be used on them , the destruction actually restores the Autobots to normal. Together, the Autobots and the Dinobots defeat their enemies and Atlantis is sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

III, the world's most powerful computer, sending the globe into chaos as the machines of the world are brought under TORQ's control and revolt. Optimus Prime and the Autobots soon realize that machines and power stations everywhere are diverting their energies to one point--the HQ of the Decepticons. Tracing the source of the remote-control waves to TORQ, the Autobots realize that they must disconnect and reprogram the massive computer before the earth's energy resources are delivered to the Decepticons and before they are captured and controlled by TORQ itself.

The presentation is interrupted by the appearance of the Decepticons, who make off with the ninja. The decepticons reset her circuits, intensifying her power tremendously, and program her to treat the Autobots as her enemy.

Infiltrating Autobot headquarters, the ninja steals a valuable microchip which shuts down Teletraan I. The Autobots pursue the ninja robot into the desert and find themselves up against her ancient weapons--now converted to high-tech powers by the Decepticons. The valuable microchip is retrieved and the ninja is immobilized without harm by a jealous Starscream, and delivered safely back to her creator by the Autobots. In a ploy to trick the Autobots into deadly chasm, Megatron creates a clone of Optimus Prime when the Autobot leader is separated from his followers during the battle.

The Autobots decide upon the authentic Prime when one of the two opts for rescuing Spike, who has been captured, in preference to the false leader, who encourages the Autobots to retrieve the Korlonium crystals before the chasm closes again. Wheeljack comes up with a new device to control the Constructicons and, in a daring mission, the device is implanted in the robots just before they transform into Devastator. The Autobots return with the controlled Devastator to their headquarters, unaware that a simple electronic disruptor will nullify Wheeljack's devices--controlled by Megatron.

When the Autobots and Devastator attempt to stop the drilling that could destroy the earth, Megatron uses his nullifier. In a struggle for control between both forces, Devastator blows his circuits and runs amok.

Megatron is forced to join Wheeljack in an attempt to regain control of Devastator--who then boldly stops the drill with only seconds to spare. The Insecticons learn of his plan and using a cerebro-shell on Soundwave, making him their spy.

Meanwhile, the Autobots learn that the nova fuel will have a severe reaction inside the Insecticons. They will eventually blow up -- igniting Iron Mountain, an ultra-secret government installation currently besieged by the giant bugs.

Megatron's plan to get rid of the Insecticons goes awry when his Decepticons all fall prey to Shrapnel's cerebro-shells. The Autobots create a special antidote -- but it will only work if it is swallowed by the Insecticons.

Spike manages to slip a cannister of antidote into Shrapnel's chest compartment--and the defense center is saved. Laserbeak spots the Dinobots on the island and reports his findings back to Megatron. Excited over the island's tremendous primal energy sources, Megatron and his Decepticons begin exploiting it. Meanwhile, a strange "time warp" appears in the middle of a metropolitan area with a huge, wooly mammoth and a barbaric warrior emerging through it, causing tremendous consternation and fear.

Back on the island, the Decepticons are attacked by the Dinobots, but Megatron--using some real dinosaurs--traps the Dinobots, who are then driven off a cliff into a tar pit. Only the Autobots are able to force these visitors from the past back through the opening in a strange time warp.

The phenomena has been triggered by the Decepticons' intense mining of the energies of the lost island. The Autobots rush to the island and attack the Decepticons, but it soon appears the Decepticons will triumph. That's when the Dinobots emerge unscathed from the tarpit, enlist the island's real dinosaurs in the battle and overcome the Decepticons, sending them fleeing from the island.

Prime realizes then that the Dinobots have earned the right to rejoin the Autobots. As the two groups prepare to head back to headquarters, Trailbreaker surrounds the island with a forcefield that will forever protect it. In a diabolical plan, Megatron uses the Constructicons as double agents by sending them to the two Autobots with the energon cubes to aid them in building the tower.

Under Grapple's brilliant supervision, the huge tower is constructed. The Constructicons then transform into Devastator and quickly dispatch Grapple and Hoist, ignominiously incorporating them into the structure itself. As Meagtron is about to activate the solar tower, the Autobots learns of it and launch an attack sendind Davastator crashing into the tower, demolishing it. This breaks Devastator back into the Constructicons, who scatter and retreat along with the Decepticons.

Grapple and Hoist are unearthed. Embarrassed, they have learned their lesson. He is convinced by his paranoia that Inferno is scheming to replace him as Security Director, and he refuses to explain to Optimus why he did not warn his comrades of a second attack.

His paranoia intensifies as he assumes Optimus intends for him to be disassembledfor parts, and he flees in panic. Starscream manipulates Red's feeling of betrayal to make him reveal the location of a prized super-weapon. Red is shocked when he realizes he has been tricked into helping Megatron capture the Autobots and thier weapon.

Red futilely attacks Starscream, but in the fight his circuits are josted back to the normal. Remorseful, he creates a diversion by blowing up the temporary Decepticon base -- trapping himself inside the burning structure. The sacrfice enables the Autobots to escape, and Inferno rushes back into the flames to rescue his comrade.

Megatron has the device installed in his chest, knowing it will make him many times more powerful. In order to disconnect the device, Perceptor's new transmat-reduction beam shrinks him, Bumblebee and Brawn to microscopic size and they secretly infiltrate Megatron's internal systems. Bombarded as impurities in a harrowing trek through Megatron's body, the microbots make their way to the power amplifier. Megatron is about to destroy Autobot headquarters as the microbots rush to disengage the power amplifier and escape from Megatron's body.

After emerging successfully, Megatron is routed and Cosmos transports the device into space where it is destroyed by Perceptor's hyper-accurate light beam.

The Autobots, however, upstage him by fighting off the Decepticons. Seething, Berger is easy prey for Megatron, who convinces him that it is the Autobots, not the Decepticons who threaten Earth. Later, aloft in a copter, the startled Berger actually videotapes the Autobots raiding an oilfield and blaming it on the Decepticons. Spike gets his hands on the videotape and learns the truth when he plays it, revealing the Autobots are really Decepticons in disguise.

But Spike is trapped by Ravage before he can reveal the truth. Tried in court on the videotape evidence, the Autobots are banished from Earth. They blast off, unaware that Megatron has diabolically set the controls to carry them on a one-way irreversible journey to the sun!

Megatron chortles over having sabotaged the ship; Berger is aghast. Spike plays the videotape for the mayor which proves the innocence of the Autobots, but Megatron reveals his villainy and takes over the city. Berger sadly informs Spike of the Autobots' demise, but thanks to a huge protective force bubble created by Trailbreaker, the Autobots are safe. In an unexpected act of courage, Berger attempts to defend Spike, Sparkplug and Chip from harm, and, as a result, is to be "terminated".

At the last possible moment, Optimus Prime and his Autobots arrive in time and send the Decepticons fleeing. Berger says he is prepared to face the courts, but the Autobots and their human friends ask that his acts of courage be considered. Shortly afterwards, all of the Transformers begin malfunctioning.

It's determined that the robots' essential element, Cybertonium--which exists only on Cybertron, is rapidly dissipating. The Autobots, low on power and beginning to deteriorate, discover the Decepticons are awaiting delivery of a shipment of Cybertonium over the space bridge. The Dinobots, constructed on Earth and containing no Cybertonium, are asked to intercept the shipment. They agree, but when the Decepticons open the space bridge, the Dinobots attack, enter the space bridge and are transported to Cybertron--with no intention of returning!

Carly and Spike arrive on Cybertron, where they are fired upon by Shockwave! The three of them make their way down into the ruins of ancient Cybertronian civilization where, after facing a series of horrendous obstacles, they are captured by Decepticon guards. They are taken to the Cybertonium pits, where they join the other Dinobots, who have been re-programmed as slaves by their captors. Carly secretly restores them, and the Dinobots overcome the guards and make their escape to the surface just as the space bridge opens, containing a load of Cybertonium for Megatron.

Shockwave attempts to stop them from entering the space bridge, but fails, and the group arrives back on Earth with enough Cybertonium to repair the Autobots. Cosmos and Blaster are captured when they discover a Decepticon base on the moon, where Megatron has installed the Galaxer, and are welded into the machine to boost its signal even further. Soon, static disturbances interrupt all radio signals throughout the world, causing huge air, land and sea disasters.

Megatron then demands Earth's total energy reserves in exchange for the return of the airwaves. Omega Supreme rockets to the moon, carrying Spike, Carly, Powerglide and a badly- damaged Optimus Prime, and engages in a battle with Megatron and Astrotrain. During the struggle, Blaster manages to overload the Voltronic Galaxer, clearing the airwaves on Earth Sir Wigend, the Black Knight, enlists the Decepticons whom he considers "armored knights with magical powers" in his struggle to overcome his enemy, Sir Aethling, the Red Knight.

Starscream agrees, intending to dominate this ancient world for himself. But after losing in a jousting tournament against the Autobots, Starscream kidnaps Nimue, Sir Aethling's daughter, and demands that the Red Knight surrender his kingdom to Lord Starscream in return for his daughter's safety. A successful rescue is mounted, and Nimue and Sir Wigend fall in love, reconciling the two knights.

Beorht the Wizard, whose magical time-travelling device brought Spike and the Transformers to the Sixth Century, sends them all back to the present day--where Starscream must face Megatron's wrath. He realizes that any robot coated with Electrum would be indestructible, and fears the lagoon and surrounding valley may become the battleground of a war with the Decepticons. Beachcomber decides to tell no one and leaves, but soon the Decepticons find the lagoon, and dive in, making themselves invulnerable.

In a skirmish that follows, the Decepticons defeat the Autobots handily, conquering Omega Supreme and capturing Perceptor and Seaspray. In an effort to redeem his mistake, Beachcomber rescues the Autobots.

They meet the others at the lagoon, and coat themselves with Electrum. The Decepticons attack, but their powers of invulnerability prove to be only temporary.

The now-superior Autobots turn back the Decepticons, but Megatron destroys the Golden Lagoon to assure no more Electrum for either side. Beachcomber is left to witness the charred remains of the once verdant valley. Secretly, Talaria connects a loose wire on Cosmos and finds herself communicating with Optimus Prime on Earth, who sends Omega Supreme, Perceptor, and Jazz in response.

They mount an attempt to rescue Cosmos, but the Decepticons capture Talaira for sacrifice. With Omega's help, Jazz and Perceptor save Talaria, free the oppressed natives from their evil high priest, and expose the Decepticons, who flee Titan. The Titans begin building a new civilization as Cosmos is reactivated and the Autobots head for Earth. Together, they discover the illegitimate dealers are selling the stolen cars to the Decepticons, who are converting them into generic robots, all armed with heavy-duty blasters.

Soon, hundreds of these robots pour into the city, threatening the Autobots. Raoul realizes the huge computer at the conversion factory controls the robots cars. He and Tracks lead the Autobots to the plant where a battle ensues, and the computer control board is destroyed. The generic robots cease functioning, and the factory is blown sky-high. Later, as Raoul joins Sparkplug and the Autobots in reconverting the hundreds of stolen cars to be returned to their owners, he vows never to steal a car again--it's more trouble than it's worth!

The spacebridge is accidentally activated, and several Autobots, Decepticons and stack of energon cubes caught in the receptor are transported to an alien planet. They find themselves in the bedroom of a giant alien boy, Aron, who treats the Transformers as his toys.

His parents take the robots to the Authorities, whose scientists prepare to dissect the "miniature" robots. Aron grabs the caged Autobots and runs out of the laboratory. During the pursuit, the Decepticons, left behind, make their escape. Back in Aron's bedroom, the Autobots prepare to depart for Earth on an energon powered light beam -- but the Decepticons arrive to utilize the beam themselves. Fortunately, Perceptor is able to convert Aron's toy rocket ship, and, wishing their giant friend a fond farewell, the Autobots blast off for home.

He escapes, but crash-lands on Earth, where the plants--the Morphobots--quickly grow over him, filling the entire valley. The Autobots roll out to rescue Cosmos and retrieve the insecticide. With Full Force E. Mastermind E. DJ Ad. Phalanx E. Returning To The Source E. Dangerous E. Rodox Trading. The Cyber Raver's Revenge E. Bass 4 Ya' Face E. Hardcore Force Interior. Under The Influence Rodox Trading. Fistful Of Hardcore Casketkrusher. Ultra Machine Dr.

Jump Up! You can play whatever little games you want with him. But dare to cross me and you'll suffer for your treachery," Tarantulas chuckled when a crate fell on her. I thought I told ya ta let me help ya with that. I'll free myself from your control, and then you'll pay…' BlackArachnia thought. But we still have a long way to go in learning about Cybertronian studies," Maylu admitted, "We'd actually be in the second grade with our level of knowledge if we were on Cybertron.

Then you'll be sorry! But for now…Blue! On the roof of the van, Haruko held on tightly. It may cost her her job, but it would be worth it in order to find out just what was going on. Well…That, and to become a bit more… intimate with the hunk driving the van. Inside it, Skye shivered.

Tarantulas turned to the load and motioned to it. The device poked out and walked over to the Predacon Transmetal Spider. It beeped happily until Tarantulas squished it under his left foot. Rattrap muttered some stuff under his breath at that comment. Zero was thankful Truth wasn't there to hear it or he'd have beaten the Transmetal rat down.

Silverbolt and Rattrap began to start sniffing the ground, Zero and Stampy following them. When are you gonna be done with that device that can let us go where the Maximals keep on getting to go? I wanna find some good eats there! Nearby, BlackArachnia drilled a support girder into place with Fairy's help, "You know, properly defended, this cavern would make an almost perfect fortress. BlackArachnia eyed Tarantulas as he moved further back into the cavern and found a store of Energon cubes there.

BlackArachnia followed him, stealthily. Tarantulas gestured grandly, "You're right about this place. It would make a perfect new lair…For all of us. An arachnid trio allied against Megatron and Maximals alike," Tarantulas replied before glancing over at Fairy Leviathan, "And the PredaNavis as well if they want to join. Along with the canine. Tarantulas tapped the side of his head with one appendage, "And inside yours, remember?

So you really have no choice now, do you? Ah gotta do all the work around here? Tarantulas moved to him. BlackArachnia followed, glaring. Fairy stayed by her side, sharing a look with the Arachnid Predacon Femme. He's done okay leadin' us so far," Quickstrike replied before thinking for a beat, "'Fact, mah only complaint is not havin' enough keisters t' whale on regular-like! Like when we lose to those dudes fighting us, the times Terrorsaur tries to take control of the team behind his back, when someone says something he doesn't like, or when I'm around him when I'm not supposed to be.

Quickstrike mulled over the offer, even going so far as to scratch his head with his cobra hand's fangs, "Ah will, huh? De -struction is better than con -struction if you get my drift. Still Megatron's pretty tough. Quickstrike bristled as his cobra head hissed loudly in anger, "There's nothing crawls, walks, flies or swims that Ah'm afraid of!

Count me in. Tarantulas nodded in acknowledgement before looking at the only two females there. The two just frowned at him. And Quickstrike, I think. The scent is faint…" Silverbolt noted as he moved around, following the scent, "Everyone, here! The trio joined him and they examined some tracks in a sandy part of the rocky ground. They were the tracks of the arachnids and the cargo haulers.

Stampy gulped, a cold sweat breaking out on the rabbit's head. Carrying heavy equipment of some kind I would say," Silverbolt noted, "And there's a PredNavi with them, judging by these prints. Blackarachnia held a girder with Fairy Leviathan. The two were about to put into place, while BlackArachnia surreptitiously watched Tarantulas, clearly enjoying himself. Fairy didn't like the chuckling he was giving.

When the time is right, that datatrax I downloaded will mean the end of…" BlackArachnia muttered. Suddenly, as if sensing BlackArachnia was thinking about him, Tarantulas whipped his head towards her. Fairy squeaked in surprise. Wh-whatever do you mean? I'll scan your mind for the answers if I have…" Tarantulas began before he recoiled, startled by something, "Remarkable! A section of your circuits has been blocked to me! BlackArachnia started to sway as a cold sweat formed on her head, "Don't know BlackArachnia screamed as the strain became too much for her.

Before Tarantulas could react, Fairy Leviathan slammed the girder she and BlackArachnia were lifting, knocking him away. As Tarantulas recovered, BlackArachnia transformed to Beast Mode and, once Fairy Leviathan got on her back, ran out and down the tunnels. Megatron punched a button that ended communication and Skybite saluted crisply as his image vanished. Megatron activated a second screen, but all he got on the screen was static.

Come in, Tarantulas. What are they up to now!? Standing before him were the two. BlackArachnia had tranformed into Robot Mode, and now held an Energon cube she has taken from the pile behind her in her claw. Fairy Leviathan held up her staff as the top froze over with ice into a spear. Either terminate the link between us, or Levi here will destroy this Energon Cube. You know what will happen then," BlackArachnia threatened.

But I'm betting the Energon radiation will interfere with our link. And that Levi here will be faster than me," BlackArachnia smirked as Leviathan aimed her spear at the cube. Suddenly, Blackarachnia's body began to spasm as Tarantulas tried to take control again.

She struggled to retain dominance as Fairy readied her spear, starting to impale the cube. The cube released its energy like escaping gas. BlackArachnia began to be enveloped in Energon radiation, which coruscated up and down her body. She let out an agonized scream as Fairy plunged her spear deeper into the cube, keeping her eye shut.

What have you done? Throw the cube away! Go ahead and delete yourselves for all I…" Tarantulas began before he screamed as well, , clutching his head with both hands, as the Energon radiation climbed his body, too.

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  1. Total Destruction Records was founded in by Stefan Lernout also know as Casketkrusher. His label is totally dedicated to the early hardcore sounds from the 90's. His label is totally dedicated to the early hardcore sounds from the 90's.
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  5. TOTAL Casketkrusher Presents Autotomize & DJ Ad (2) Casketkrusher Presents Autotomize & DJ Ad (2) - Total Annihilation ‎ (8xFile, FLAC, EP) Total Destruction Records: TOTAL .
  6. Total Destruction Records / Casketkrusher. The Netherlands. % EARLY HARDCORE Record label owned by Stefan Lernout aka Casketkrusher. I'll promise to keep the rave scene alive! Aliases Casketkrusher (Main alias) Acid Frequency Aichryson The Crash Tester E-Core Earprotector Happical Movement Judge Dredd Malice The Manipulator Members of Total Destruction Needle Gun The .
  7. Akira began as a industrial hardcore techno, terror, speedcore DJ in the mid s, making a name for himself as the "de race chinees" in , when, during the sold out edition of .
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