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2 Oct, 2012

Untitled - Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder - Misery Of The Defenceless / Do You Love Grind ? Pt:2 (Vinyl)

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Latin American Issue. Snobs, What Happens Next? Brazilian tour. Anti-war Special Issue. Anti-war guest columns. Anti-war scene reports. Mros in Europe We've been doing our hes. We're providing this list to you in order to let you know where you can cur-. Please note that several of the dlstnbutors below ari"w "L" ,,, subsertptum services, including Active, Assembly Line, and Plastic Bomb. Others might too, jus, ask! This is jus, the beginning. TH Copenhagen N. Zealand 9. Hundreds of bands are photographed from Crust to the website for a complete list.

A pulverizing steamroller of Swedish hardcore. The guys who brought you the Million Man Mosh return to burn! An over the top wall of thrash. Brutal no-holds-barred sonic assault.

This is the most powerful material by the. No weak rehash here, full on hard driving Finnish style hardcore that put Tampere on the map! Licensed from Fight Records, remixed with a bonus track! Split release betweeriHayoc, Sin Fronteras, and local bands.

Great political SE lyrics and high energy HC. Second EP by this Australian thrash outfit. New remixed second press with bonus track. Manic HC-punk like Disorder, much more thrash than their recent stuff. HC i r- i tr miMenng naracore punk. Our first release, from HC To read complete descriptions, hear MP3s, view our selection of tshirt designs, or order by credit card, visit ijs at www.

Orders shipped via media mail within the U. Expect delivery to take 2 3 weeks. Overseas orders, especially surface mail, will take much longer. Bullet belts are also available in the USA. You will need approx. Box Friendswood, TX buttons superpezhead. I provide web, graphic, and sound solutions for musicians and artists at a cheap rate, yet with experienced quality. Hooraw for artificial protest!

So, thanks Mike It was pretty cool to get to read of so many great recent tours by exception- al bands in that stack, definitely a great addition to the zine in the last year or so are these diaries. The Vitamin X text had me knee-deep in delight over the descrip- tions of Felix, G. Serious dude eh? But the WxHxN? I thought they went well together. I mean come on, prison punx are irre- sistible!

And MRR readers, thanx for smashing stereotypes and writing to my fag-butt. Just want to say And as the hard guys of peace mongering say Fuck fag jokes I sent. Sorry for my English As now Maloka is dis- tributing your zine in France, it is cheaper to obtain it. Find enclosed some flyers and stuffs to spread around.

I also can try to help bands find dates in our country. I would also be very happy to begin some correspondance with American punkers and alternative persons.

It could help make to practice my english. OK, that's all for now. This has to do with Asian punk, more specifically India. I guess maybe I should explain a little bit about myself and why I care about India before I start. My father immigrated to the US from India. I am half Indian and I belong to a name of people that come from a place called Kerala, an Indian communist state. I am just bewildered by the zero presence of India internationally and nationally within the punk community.

I can attempt to try and answer this for any- one who cares. I believe it has to do with the extreme class division that exists in India and the amount of poverty that I see. It seems to me that the only people in India with the capital to buy punk music and the access to punk are those of high wealth. Most likely their knowledge of punk would come from the internet and crappy old MTV, and so would in terms of substance not be discernable from Brittney Spears and Blink The people living in India that are encompassed by the politics of punk rock can scarcely afford electricity, let alone learn english and invest costly interest in punk rock.

If so someone please contact me. Next I would like to talk about the minimal representation of India in your magazine. Already, the largest slum in Asia possibly the world exists right outside of Mumbai. I know there has to be more, we are not such a small minority that we do not have a voice in this community. Correctional Facility in Michigan.

He suf- fered a large, serious head wound, bruised rib, and a severely sprained wrist. He open-hand slapped an officer that had previously lied and set him up to go to segregation. He slammed my friend on the floor, stomped on his head with his booted foot, punched him several times, and wrenched his wrist after he had already been hand-cuffed. It was an open and shut case of excessive force, but will any negative repercussions be handed down to this brutal thug?

Fuck no! He will probably get a promotion. Collier has a very, very long histo- ry of violent behavior. Within his ten years of working for the MDOC, he has been cited for at least fifteen assaults on pris- oners. Two years ago, Collier was charged with a felony, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, for beating someone down in the free world.

Many people try to paint prison abusers as racist. Not so. Collier is Black, and his victims have been black, white, and Latino. He is a corrections officer; we are convicts. Nothing will change until tax payers, and friends and families of prisoners, demand a change. Contact your state and U. Congress members, join a prisoner help group, or try to find and assist prisoners trying to make a change from the inside.

Only by pressure from outside individuals will a change occur. My friend, Gary, is chained to his bed like a dog right now. If you would like to learn more about this environment, or how to help stop the prison industrial complex, write to me at: William Migala SMCF, W. Sorry for bad English and mistakes. This letter is short because of my bad knowledge of English. I wanted to write more but Good Luck! Deema , Belarus, Minsk Pritytskogostr. I thought punk was doing, dressing, and being however the fuck you want to be.

We saw Filth in New Mexico for the first time in Fuckin sick. The whole band was cool as fuck, Jake especially. We Grimple looked up to him. Once we moved to the Bay Area, we were stoked to become friends with that guy, and we endured some crazy parties and times together.

We as a band never said any- thing but good things about Jake Filth. He moved to our hometown Santa Fe, NM for a few years. He came back to Oakland and found that we had washed our clothes, got jobs that pay, had children, and were still playing brutal fucking music, just a little more metal. I am not taking any- thing away from the guy, but I have to question his friendship.

He was a role model when we were young punx, but I wonder how long he has felt this way about us? Is he shaking our hands and hugging us, but at the same time thinking we are beneath him? Our families love us, so fuck Jake Filth and others who want to pass judgement on Grimple. Or perhaps you are comparing the horrify- ingly deadly stupidity of nazis to the intel- ligence of people who suffer from an unfortunate congenital condition? Maybe you could use the word idiot.

This is really great work and vitally important information and ideas to get out there. Thanks and props for doing something to effect positive behav- ioral trends. Thanks for the help. Our scene is not the best in the world. It is domi- nated by tough-guy hardcore kids, and we only get truly good shows that come around maybe once or twice a month. What really bugs me is that there are absolutely no good stores for DIY music.

I do lots of mail-order, but it can get annoying I was wondering if anyone there is familiar with that area and could give me some tips on where to shop for music. If so, it would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. C, natives Good Charlotte. Record Stores are rare, but there is Smash! Contact me if you disagree or would like to set up a show. What fucking luck?! I thought I lost contact with your punk rock ass! Guess who? The last time I saw you or even talked with you was in Las Vegas at your wed- ding!

Remember when Jay ate that cock- roach?!! Shit, I lost your phone numbers and you never responded to your Fugazine emails. I should be out soon though. We still have to start a band together asshole and I still want that GG poster!

Write me! I signed up on the punk rock and roll roster when I was twelve. That was At the time I was naive. I was young and perhaps unprepared in a way for what I was about to discover; I had been raised on George Harrison, the Byrds, and the rest. Ad nauseum, I might add. I toured with my band, , for a long time before surren- dering recently to the family life happily with my wife and son.

We had it, man. Sonic Youth? What the fuck do kids today know about that? Sonic elderly. At best, Fugazi. In that order, arguably. My whole point, anyway, is why, with all the good shit out there, are we still tuning in to this shit.

At least they were real. Help us. John Mayer needs to be Do it, man. Now is the time. Seriously, can you recall a darker period in rock or any music history? Fuck Rolling Stone and the rest. Or never. I would like to help you take over the world. And there are many like me. Never give up!

Trev Rosehill 20 New Front St. Tanfield Lea, Co. E-mail trevhag hotmail. It seems to me that records are a waste of space and resources and are also toxic. There is a book that you can check out from the library about keeping toxic chemicals out of your household.

I feel sorry for the col- lectors of vintage used records who have these things sitting and rotting in their sleeves. I see hope for CDrs actually.

First of all, CDRs make it easier for bands to do things themselves. Also, CDrs are easier to manufacture than tapes. I agree with what Felix is saying about CDs being less expensive. They definitely should be. We also should support new ways of packaging CDs because it gives artists more DIY control over their music.

If any- one would like to prove that CDs are more toxic than records, please do so and I will shut up forever. Oh, please wear a condom if you must fuck, better yet, consider not fucking. Since when was the punk movement ever about fucking any- ways? Also, if a label can afford to make CDs and records, are they really a punk label or are they just another rock and roll or pop label?

I am now 22, and continue to enjoy it! I love writing letters and receiving them. It can be a very personal experi- ence. Corperate owned and operated! I would rather buy a stamp and support a public union such as the post office than support a tech-head at IBM or Microsoft.

People are becoming seclusive and distrustful by the moment. Know Dr. Living Dead Draconian Draconian Draconian. DVD Godzilla Vs. Glorious Collision Ltd. The Flesh. The Sick. The Sacred CD. Version CD. Tour Ed. Grey Vinyl Discouraged Ones Ltd. Guns L. Lazarus A. CD Ariettes Oubliees Myself Where I Am But Who's Buying? So What! And Well? Beast CD. Big Mr. Incantation - Lead To Desolation Rompeprop - Scottish Handcuffs Victims - Lies, Lies, Lies Malignant Tumour - Decibel Maniacs The Arson Project - Locust Swarm Martyrdod - Gloria Runt Iris Bloody Phoenix - Killing For Sport Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Die Kampagne Insidious Decrepancy - Adorned In Agony Disfigured Corpse - Social Sterility Disfigured Corpse - Sycophants World Downfall - Anti Scene Ingrowing - Escapology Nashgul - Crematorio Psychofagist - Uomo O Merda Noisebazooka - Birth Sells Noisebazooka - Instructions Manual For Everyday Eardelete - Tempering In Steel Psychotic Despair - Memories Funerus - Suffering Life Tinner - Koks I Lasten Tinner - Ursakta, Var Ar Rannstenen Passiv Dodshjalp - Radiopalgor Noxa - Brave On The Desert Vilefuck - Fuck The System Trigger - Sauerklee Sexy Police - Not Neutered Whoresnation - Not In Our Backyard Krush - This is Going Nowhere Krush - 5 Seconds Mucus - Superman A Linges!

Mucus - Caca! Mucus - IC Train VA - Operation Grindcore Vol. Gripe - Just Fucking Die 2. Gran Toucher - Rubberknecker 3. Unnatural Selection - Light of My Life 4. Knifewound - Roadhouse Roundhouse 5. Inerds - Shut It 8. Hellterror - Lawless Aggression 9. Tough Luck - Retrospect Green Terror - Radiation Overdose Body Hammer - Clawing at the Skin of God Enemies of Inertia - No Escape Sapraemia - I, Lobot Grinchfinger - Patisserized Bruxism - The Hardest Part of Throwdancing Nohari - Swallowed W hole Population Reduction - Sausage Factory Showdown Infected Womb - Parasite Napalm Death - The Kill 2.

Napalm Death - Prison Without Walls 3. Napalm Death - Dead 4. Napalm Death - Deceiver 5. Napalm Death - Lucid Fairytale 6. Napalm Death - In Extremis 7. Napalm Death - Negative Approach 9. Napalm Death - Common Enemy Napalm Death - Obstinate Direction Napalm Death - Life?

Napalm Death - You Suffer Pt. Napalm Death - Instinct Of Survival Napalm Death - Stigmatised Napalm Death - Parasites Napalm Death - Moral Crusade Napalm Death - Worlds Apart Napalm Death - MAD Napalm Death - Divine Death Napalm Death - CS Napalm Death - Control Napalm Death - Walls Napalm Death - Raging In Hell Napalm Death - Conform Or Die Napalm Death - SOB Napalm Death - Unchallenged Hate Napalm Death - Mentally Murdered Napalm Death - Suffer The Children Napalm Death - Retreat To Nowhere Napalm Death - Scum Napalm Death - Deceiver Napalm Death - Social Sterility Extreme Noise Terror - False Profit Extreme Noise Terror - Human Error Extreme Noise Terror - Murder Extreme Noise Terror - No Threat Extreme Noise Terror - Propaganda Extreme Noise Terror - System Enslavement Extreme Noise Terror - Deceived Carcass - Crepitating Bowel Erosion Carcass - Slash Dementia Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction Carcass - Empathological Necroticism Carcass - Foeticide Carcass - Fermenting Innards Carcass - Exhume To Consume Bolt Thrower - Forgotten Existence Bolt Thrower - Psychological Warfare Bolt Thrower - Drowned In Torment Bolt Thrower - Eternal War Bolt Thrower - Realm Of Chaos Bolt Thrower - Domination Bolt Thrower - Destructive Infinity Bolt Thrower - Warmaster CdR -Sex, Beer and Grindcore!

Discography: -"Cryptic menu" Cd. Discography: -"Welcome to your Death" Demo Discography: -"In the Name of Vomit" Demo Discography: -"Fetal Lust" Demo Discography: -"Fetal Maceration" Demo tape P" Cd Razorback Records, Song 4 34 - Song 9 Instrumental.

Felkin Feast. O - Bara Bara Man 02 - C. O - Ga-Shal 03 - C. O - Nuclear Karate Man 04 - C. O - Rolling The Zen 05 - C. O - Spartan 08 - C. O - Improvised Songs 09 - C. O - I'd Chokyo 10 - C.

O - Daddy's Home 17 - C. O - Penisnatcher. O - Spartan 19 - Haimorith - Anthem Of Napalm Death Cover 04 - C. Krystyna's Speech 08 - C. O - Madoinshi - k - Alkanoid 10 - C.

CARCASS GRINDER "Do You Love Grind? Pt:5" 4. Ky? Ha ii Hi: 5. Nori to Waffuru to Shitagokoro Untitled: Untitled: Total playing time: Suffering with No Way Out 5. Her Prosthethic Leg 6. Warrior with No Emotion: CARCASS GRINDER: 7. Movin' On 8. Ag Pt. 2 9. Somersault Grind Alert Rape by Eyes.

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  1. Most of Carcass Grinder's songs have titles in Japanese. Recording information: Birdflesh: Recorded in July, at Northern Garden Studios. Carcass Grinder.
  2. Mar 24,  · Misery Of The Defenceless / Do You Love Grind? Pt:2 Birdflesh Northern Garden Misery of the Defenceless The Hedgehog Sickness Death To Flies Carcass.
  3. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Kenji Takeda at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder - Misery Of The Defenceless / Do You Love Grind? Pt
  4. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Ei Kuroda at the Discogs Marketplace. Explore. Discover. Explore All Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder - Misery Of The Defenceless / Do You Love Grind? Pt
  5. Explore releases from Carcass Grinder at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Carcass Grinder at the Discogs Marketplace.
  6. Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder: Birdflesh / Carcass Grinder - Misery Of The Defenceless / Do You Love Grind? Pt:2 ‎ (7", EP, Ltd) Underground Warder Productions: UWP Japan: この .
  7. Explore releases from Birdflesh at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Birdflesh at the Discogs Marketplace.
  8. Nov 28,  · 8 Audioulterio - Untitled 9 Augury Grinder Sorpresa - Untitled 10 Barrillo - Untitled 11 Brigada Bichera - Untitled 12 Brutal Defecation - Untitled 13 Brutal Massakre Of Toreros - Untitled 14 Brutal Noise - Untitled 15 Cadaverizer Noise - Untitled 16 Cagonizer - Ja Drkam Km-h / Gothic Noise
  9. Birdflesh är ett svenskt grindcoreband ifrån Växjö.Bandets låttitlar och texter är oftast humoristiska. Sedan bandet bildades år har de hunnit ge ut fyra fullängdsalbum och åtta split-album tillsammans med andra band.. Medlemmar Nuvarande medlemmar. Smattro Ansjovis (Adde Mitroulis) – trummor, sång (–) Panda Flamenco (Joakim Svensson aka "Willy Whiplash") – basgitarr.

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