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2 Oct, 2012

Vampires Of Night - Deathly Pale - Black White Fascination (Cassette, Album)

Approved 1h 26min Horror USA. A mad scientist and his bevy of vampires terrorize a German village. A detective and a witch set out to stop them. Writer: Kurt Roecken original screenplay as C. Added to Watchlist. High School Icons, Then and Now. Ghoul's Gold The incredibly odd horror films. The best Vampire - Movies! Inexhaustive Vampiren.

Share this Rating Title: Night of the Vampires 5. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Assamite : A clan that is usually seen as diablerists and assassins when in truth their are guardians and scholars.

Ravnos : Ravnos are seen as tricksters and gypsies, the clan was nearly wiped out by an ancient vampire. Nosferatu : Vampires that are deformed and monstrous in appearence are the Nosferatu, Vampires who use their obsfucate abilty to spy on others.

These vampires are used as informants. Orthodox Setite belief dictates that Set will one day return to rule or consume the world, and devout Setites prepare the way for his resurrection. To this end, the clan remains independent of the Sects of other Kindred , and practice with great skill the arts of corruption, deceit and ancient sorcery. Tzimisce : If you described a Tzimisce as inhuman and sadistic, it would probably commend you for your perspicacity on the inhumanity, and then demonstrate that your mortal definition of sadism was laughably inadequate.

The Tzimisce have left the human condition behind gladly, and now focus on transcending the limitations of the vampiric state. At a casual glance or a brief conversation a Tzimisce appears to be one of the more pleasant vampires.

Polite, intelligent and inquisitive they seem a stark contrast to the howling Sabbat mobs or even the apparently more humane Brujah or Nosferatu.

However on closer inspection it becomes clear that this is simply a mask hiding something alien and monstrous. Lasombra : Vampires that cast no reflection in mirrors.

The leaders of the Sabbat , clan Lasombra are Darwinists, predators, elegant and inhuman. Firm believers in the worthy ruling and the unworthy serving, the Lasombra have maintained their traditions even as they have turned the Sabbat to their own purposes. Giovanni : The usurpers of clan Cappadocian and the youngest clan of Caine , the Giovanni are both a clan and a family. They Embrace exclusively within their family one of many things kept within the family , and are heavily focused on two goals: money and necromantic power.

The sects in VTM were the Camarilla , which enforces the Masquerade that allows vampires to live alongside mortals undetected; the Anarchs , who, while hating the oppressive nature of the Camarilla, still honored the rule of the Masquerade; and the Sabbat , who denigrate the Masquerade and its followers, and who often embrace their nature as monsters.

Daeva : A clan thats a mix of Toreador and Brujah, they have physical abilities of Brujah but the adeptness and seduction abilities of Toreador. Gangrel : The Gangrel are more or less the same as they are in VTM but are said to be more feral and have difficulty in social interaction. Ventrue : Almost the same as VTM but have a touch of Malkavian in them as their search for more power usually makes them deranged. However, he and Chervil quarrelled, and the younger Redfern disappeared, leaving Hunter without a legitimate heir.

This had the effect of making all future Redferns part-witch, and to consider Harman descendants as their relatives. Furthermore, it acted as a formal truce among the witch and vampire families, uniting the two major species of the Night World. Hunter is also credited for creating island enclaves, for vampires and other Nightpeople to find safety from humans. Garnet would eventually marry another vampire, Fletcher Marsh, and bear a son who would continue the Redfern line.

Vampires continue into the 20th century as the main citizens of the Night World. They all shared a hatred for humans, whom they refer to as vermin. Additionally, they appear to have strained ties with witches and shapeshifters, especially subjecting the latter creatures to humiliation and prejudice out of fear. When the witch clans secede from the Night World and join Circle Daybreak officially, the vampire clans overall choose to remain as part of the Night World, seeking the destruction of the world as they believe once humans are gone, they shall rule.

Additionally, they search for the four Wild Powers, intending to find them before Circle Daybreak and either convert them to the Night World cause, or kill them to avert the prophecies of their saving the world.

That being said, it should be noted that many vampires have rejected the Night World and fight for Circle Daybreak. Most notably, one of the founders and co-leaders of the Circle is the vampire Elder, Thierry Descouedres. Because they were a mirror held up to the nature of cinema.

He plays looming, luminous host like the movie to a sequence of awed and vulnerable visitors the movie audience. And often there is a butler the usherette to open the door and show the visitor to his room. But the main link to cinema is in the vampire story's overriding fascination with age and time. Or rapid-reverse face-lift. In vampire films the punishment for time-cheating fits the presumptuous crime. Egyptian mummies are risen corpses who walk again in a hostile world. They are as inscrutable, macabre, and charismatic as a movie star under her face-pack.

The zombie and mummy figure are potently combined, though without the gift of immortality, in a figure from the Gothic nursery cupboard who pre-dates both: Frankenstein's monster.

Frankenstein's moer was also the most notable forebeaer in a line of semi-indestructible hulks, stretching right down to our age, culminating in Darth Vader and his cohorts and the faceless killer in the Halloween films. The sinister thing about this line in superhuman non-humans is that we can't tell them from the real thing. In the old days you didn't need a diploma in sleuthing to identify a vampire. But today, how could you know that David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve were vampires in The Hunger , unless you had been formally introduced to them as such?

The reason for the change is clear. You can't pick them out. Then, they brutally finish off the prey with their venomous breath. They then attack from above by utilizing their aerial skills.

They wear special goggles so that they never lose sight of their prey even when spinning very quickly. They can attack from virtually any direction.

In the tucked position, they are protected by their thick, armor-like hides. Some vampires go so far as to purge an incident from a human's memory. Humans experience this as "lost time. Jez touches the human's forehead to erase the memory of their encounter, actually changing the chemistry of his thoughts in the process.

Vampires are a primal clan and are not to be provoked. They are often willfull and would rather fight to the death than admit they are wrond. Most vampires enjoy a good hunt and make formidable opponents as they employ their acute senses to track scents and movements. Their eyesight is particularly impressive, and although vampires are sensitive to the daylight, they have no physical need to be nocturnal.

All vampires are vulnerable to wood and fire. But within this clan of immortal Night People, there are two kinds of vampires: those who are born vampires, called lamia , and those who are Changed, called made vampires. Sign In Don't have an account?

Final Death is a term used by vampires to refer to permanent death, as opposed to torpor or their first death as part of the Embrace. By nature, vampires are incredibly resilient and tend to recover from wounds that would kill a mortal several times over. However, there is a limit to the punishment that their bodies can take, and specific forms of damage, such as from fire or sunlight, can.

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  2. Mar 23,  · Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Vampires of the Night · Black Diamonds Once Upon a Time ℗ AOR Heaven Released on: Author: Andi Barrels Author: Michael Kehl Composer: Andi Barrels.
  3. Explore releases from Vampire at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Vampire at the Discogs Marketplace. Vampire (3) Vampire (Album) 11 versions: Century Media: Germany: - Queen Of A Poisoned Realm / The Night It Came Out Of The Grave 2 versions.
  4. Oct 31,  · Published on Oct 31, The Night Of The Vampire is an album made by Soma Nóvé. The album consists of covers of songs mainly from 60's artists. It was entirely made, using an iPhone 5s.
  5. Vampires are a species of the Night World. Similar to other literary versions, vampires are supernatural, immortal creatures that require the consumption of blood to survive. Many protagonists and antagonists of the Night World books are vampires. Contents[show] Types Main Article: Lamia Main Article: Made Vampires Vampires are divided into two distinct sub-species: lamia and made vampires.
  6. High quality The Black Album inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.
  7. Deathly-white faces, black lipstick, weeping mascara, spiked dog collars, ragged fishnet stockings, tight leather corsets and multiple piercings. Picture the offspring of Marilyn Manson and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and you'll be close. Eventually, we pile out of the buses at a disused quarry just outside Werribee.
  8. Oct 29,  · These were all products of the Silver Age of horror movies, an era of spooky monsters in glorious black and white. The Werewolf of London kicked things off nicely in with a unique twist: a rare plant that only blooms during a full moon is used as a temporary antidote for English botanist Wilfred Glendon's werewolfism.

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